Sex and COVID: Safe Cam Girls Sites Start the Conversation

The world of adult entertainment is blossoming while our social connections fizzle. To stay happy and safe, cam girls sites come to the rescue. 

The current world situation forced us to look for another source of socialization. As lockdowns kept us indoors, illness kept us from our friends and families. Within a blink of the eye- our entire social paradigm had changed. As living, breathing beings of a social nature, it quickly became clear that things had to change to accommodate this new modality. Without being strong-armed into damaging asocial structures in the process. But, because humans are highly plastic creatures- life found a way. Be it for work or play, we adapted to the unprecedented circumstances with speed and grace. 

Many of these systems we use to continue on with our work or entertainment from home are not new, as most of these platforms have existed for decades thanks to the internet at large. Although there is no doubt that at this time- instead of simple desire or curiosity driving behavior- it was a need pulled from circumstance that exponentially increased both the consumption and creation of direct-to-living room socialization. Quite notably with adult entertainment.

“The avenues for consuming pornography, or adult entertainment, have never been so varied or so easily accessible… particularly the uptick in cam site services. Where safe cam girls sites offer something a bit more personal and real.”  says RecomendedCams, a site dedicated to providing safe and gratifying experiences for both user and model. “For a long time, cam sites were just- fun- now there seems to be a deeper need for that kind of interpersonal connection.”

Let’s Talk About Sex and Safety

Sex is a taboo and controversial subject even during precedented times. Often showcased by the awkwardness of “the talk”, the sterile discussions in sex ed, or the over-the-top, bitingly conversations with friends. We never really seem to focus on the day-to-day relationship part of it- the chemistry and social context between two consenting people. Sex is good (if not necessary) for our mental health.  Let alone our physical health- take into consideration what havoc a lack-luster sexual education can wreak: unwanted pregnancies, diseases, self-esteem issues, sexual problems, performance hurdles, shame… The word sexuality should not generate laughter or discomfort. However, even today, we find that to be the most common reaction, should you decide to start talking about social sexuality. These taboos increase discrimination, decrease the base understanding of empathy, and force people to hide their sexuality as if it were a crime.

Because sex isn’t only about the physical- but the meta-physical, spritual, mental- the connections we make with others that let us know we are cared for and worthy. Because of the genuine social nature of sex- cam girl sites are quickly becoming a booming buisness. Offering an outlet for our deepest sexual desires, but with a personable and communal twist. The ability to genuinely interact with another person sexually, conversationally, intimately. 

Moreover- perhaps now more than ever, it’s inevitable that the looming fear of getting sick accompanies us. Every habit that we have generated and tended in the last year seems to solely focus on avoiding illness. Safe cam girl sites offer a flicker of hope in this particular anxiety-inducing state as well- they are, without a doubt, anti-fear. You enjoy the security of your home, the security of the site, the peace of mind because of distance of body. Yet these sites provide you something porn can’t, you get to establish a personal connection through the screen. Being able to fulfill your fantasies and to obtain a social and sexual interaction at the same time. Without leaving the intimacy of your home. With zero risks of illness transmission, fear of repercussion, or shame of desire. Interacting in the way you feel most comfortable, in the place you feel most comfortable. 

What Is a Safe Cam Girl Site?

When it comes to entertainment, more is better. The more options you have, as long as they are safe and consenting, the better for everyone. So why wouldn’t we take advantage of any option available to us? A way to occupy your down time in a new, enjoyable, sensual, and pleasant way. Something that breaks the monotony of the confines we’ve been given. Cam sites host people from all over the world- without the need to travel, without commitment, without risk. 

In the light of mid-pandemic safety and security, these platforms are ideal for entertainment. Creating a space that is healthier than other options we’ve been given. Cam sites offer a zero risk, zero strings attached, social-sexual encounter. Allowing you to leave taboos, shame and fears aside, learning to live fully and consciously in our sexualities- in all their splendor.

Whatever that sexuality may be. You can interact with couples, women, men, transgender, lesbian, gay. Fully indulging in your own brand of sexuality without having to engage the predilections or prejudice of others. Beyond the personal, couples are finding a safe haven here, as not only those in solo living situations are affected by confinement. Couples who live together, with or without children, are also affected by being together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having no clear line between home and the outside world. There is no doubt that the world changes but it also adapts. And the best part of evolution is saving the best of each era, without having to give up all the glorious new experiences to come.

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