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Classical Instrumentalist Reuven Mark Mozes wrote an entire opera “Gamma” all by himself

From time to time, an artist comes into the world and changes the direction of music. Reuven Mark Mozes is one such artist. He is a talented and skilled instrumentalist who has done some wonderful work regarding classical music. His greatest achievement includes an Opera, named Gamma, which he wrote all by himself and composes in a live show a few days ago. We all know that operas have been neglected and lost their value for many years, but the true artists and people with a taste still know its worth.

Composing an entire opera is not a piece of cake. It requires hard work, talent, and power of will to stay determined to reintroduce a worth-watching show. Moreover, the amount of focus and mental strength you need for both teaming up the group and being creative is immeasurable. Reuven has done this job perfectly and we believe that the amount of dedication he showed has set a great example for other musicians. The smoothness in the music, the high and low pitches, and the narration of the story in the entire opera is wonderful. You can check out a glimpse of the performance here

A little introduction about Reuven Mark

Although his opera is the biggest introduction of him, we still want to share a bit history of him.

Reuven was born on November 28th. Since his childhood, he has a zeal for music, especially classical music. He got inspired by his favorite musician David Bowie. If you have passion for something, you will still want to get trained to get to a professional level of it. Reuven also realized this and got official training in different musical instruments and learned the art of composing music. After that, his journey of becoming a true musician started. At first, he would mainly play the Bassoon, but soon he started creating his own music and became a professional music composer.

Cover of Reuven Mark Mozes new album "Wondering"

Reuven Mark Mozes is also a conductor and released 2 albums of Bach Cello suite-Bassoon Alone Volume 1 and Volume 2. His album was broadcasted on the Israeli radio. Reuven is a conductor who had many concerts as a conductor. He is now releasing a new album soon calls wondering. It has solo Bassoon, duo for 2 bassoons and bassoon and piano, he plays all parts. Reuven’s album will soon be available on band camp and afterwards on spotify and YouTube.

Besides composing music and playing Bassoon, Reuven also arranges concerts and operas. We already told you about his opera Gamma above. Until now, he has released three music albums and the best part is that each album of his on the top-selling list. Recently, he was working on his new musical soundtrack Trip whose clip is available on his YouTube channel.

Final WordsReuven Mark Mozes is a modern-day Classical music genius, who has just started his journey. So far, his work is amazing but is being underrated as many people have lost the taste in classical music. We hope that Reuven keeps the standard of his work as good as possible and grew the passion for classical music in people again.

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