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Establishing a new business is not easy because there are different challenges to face, needs to attend, and careful planning. Every step taken in the process needs thorough consideration, and beginners are prone to make some common mistakes. Ensuring that your business thrives requires more than just your effort, sometimes it needs professional help.

Among all the planning, it needs to consider the market available; also, methods to gather the attention of potential clients. Likewise, there are different strategies to solve such a need. The difficulty lies in taking the best decision that suits your business the most. After all, every business is unique, and so are its needs.

Nevertheless, Digital Marketing is one of the main focuses while establishing a brand. The digital era changed the way people interact with their peers, which includes the relationship with businesses. The company needs to have some online presence and keep in contact with the clients. It matters regardless of the purpose of your company.

UX Design, web, SEO, e-commerce in Mulhouse and Basel

Satisfying such a need is a must and also opened business opportunities to new occupations. Big and small companies always require digital consultancy services. All businesses need to contact professionals in the field to solve problems. Finding these experts is a need, and some of the best have their headquarters in Mulhouse in France, like Julien Di Giusto.

Providing full-service digital consultancy

As previously said, each business is unique, and so are its needs. How a company manages its marketing strategies varies from one to another, depending on the circumstances. Fortunately, Digital Marketing entails different methods that can help a business improve its success rate in the market. It is so especially in gathering the interest of potential clients.

A complete digital consultancy service covers all the needs that business haves regarding its marketing strategy online. The expert learns about the circumstances surrounding your business. He identifies vulnerabilities in your current methods and designs a plan to solve the problems or improve what was done already while providing the service.

Digital Marketing focuses a lot on Webdesign. It tries to attract more clients’ interests, but there are other goals. For example, my digital consultancy service will analyze your business needs, determine the more efficient strategies to take, and more. It covers from Webdesign to social media marketing and other things.

My main goal is to work closely with you and to know your business, that way, planning together ways to make it thrive. As well, my service is headquartered at Mulhouse in France to make the process easier for you. You can come or contact me for a meeting, so we both could begin to improve your marketing strategy to attract more clients.

One of my services is UX & UI Design

I started building experience in 2008 and currently have all the tools, knowledge, and techniques to provide you with a more completed digital consultancy service. As proof of that, you could look into my agency, Mars Rouge, and see all the projects that we had worked on successfully finished. I can assure you that we are who you need.

As an example: we can provide complete support for improving the website with our vast experience in Webdesign. Also, our work can include UX & UI Design strategies that will elevate the quality of your site considerably, while increasing the probabilities of the client choosing your website, or service, instead of another competitor.

Using UX & UI Design strategies will significantly influence the perception that your potential clients have about your business for the better. UX Design focuses on how the customer may feel while interacting with your company’s website, while UI design will provide the appearance and improve the looks that contribute to the client’s experience.

To better implement these strategies, I will take responsibility for research, planning, testing, data analysis, etc. I will take all the required measures to ensure the best quality in the service, and provide the best results for your business. To accomplish it, I will use everything in my experience to make the most efficient design for your website.

On the other side, to do the right UX & UI design, I need to understand your company and the type of customers you are expecting to receive, as well as the need of your potential clients when searching for a business to solve their problems. I will take their place to design the website in a way that the users felt comfortable and interested in your business.

It is an advantage that my headquarters is at Mulhouse in France, that way it is easier for both of us to meet, and made the preliminary job easy. After all, the main purpose is working together to improve the circumstance of your business, attracting more potential clients, and generating a higher profit.

I have Search Engine Marketing too

Along with the user experience design, there are other ways to increase the traffic of visitors to your website, like employing Search Engine Marketing, and take advantage of it to get a better positioning among the results. Besides, this is one of the most common ways to improve a company’s digital marketing strategies in current times.

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that ensures your website is displayed more visible on the search engine results page, which the potential clients usually employ. With this strategy is more likely that people searching for solutions will found your website and choose your business.

The strategies employed in Search Engine Marketing usually entail paying per advertisement that resulted in new visits to the website, meaning that it is an investment to increase the reach of the business to more people.

In this way, most new visitors will be those that were already searching for a related query in the Search Engine, making it a very efficient strategy, and also one of the most commonly applied, because its advantage is that the potential clients were already with a commercial purpose in their minds.

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