Which Automatic Litter Boxes Are Right For Certain Cats?

There’s no denying that automatic litter boxes are an incredible invention for cat owners. These high-tech devices drastically reduce your cat’s maintenance needs, keep your home smelling fresh, and giving your feline a cleaner environment to do their business.

With cats being such neat freaks, a self-cleaning litter box makes for a happier and healthier bathroom experience.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed the automatic litter box market is growing fast. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your fur baby.

Some self-cleaning units were made with standard sized cats in mind while others can accommodate a variety of sizing and mobility needs. Therefore, if you have a kitten, senior, or an overweight cat, some models may not be ideal for your feline and their accessibility limits.

Moreover, some automatic litter boxes only accommodate one cat. So, if you have a ​multiple cat household​, you’ll need an automatic litter device that will serve ALL your fur babies. We’ve sourced the market and chosen the best automatic litter box for each type of cat!

Best For Kittens: Aimicat

Kittens love the intriguing, futuristic look of the Aimicat as their playful nature draws them to it just like a toy. The higher entry may not be best for older or overweight cats, but young kitties love to jump up and climb into this fun-looking litter cave.

It’s not just the design of the Aimicat that makes it ideal for kittens. The precise infra-red sensors of this self-cleaning litter box work differently from other models. It doesn’t use pressure sensors to sense a cat’s weight, which is not always practical with tiny kittens. Instead, it reliably detects used litter within 0.1 seconds, which signals to initiate the cleaning.

Caring for young kittens​brings many joys. However, one not so joyful common occurrence is diarrhea or loose stool, which can smell foul! The efficient carbon filter system of the Aimicat rapidly neutralizes all odors no matter how bad, preventing these unpleasant scents from spreading throughout the home.

Best For Seniors: ChillX AutoEgg

The ​AutoEgg​by ChillX has many great perks for our older felines, including a hooded, enclosed box-like design. Even though older cats experience a reduced range of mobility, they don’t lose their curiosity or love of boxes.

The AutoEgg’s design appeals to felines’ interests, making it hard for them to resist exploring the egg-shaped cove, and therefore, very easy to adapt to.

Another vital aspect to take into account for elderly kitties is how accessible the litter box is. The AutoEgg scores top place in accessibility thanks to its low entryway. The entry step is only 6 inches from the ground, allowing elderly cats with reduced mobility and health conditions like arthritis to enter and leave the box with ease.

The litter box itself is roomy enough for fully-grown senior cats to move around without feeling claustrophobic. Even so, should your cat require more space, you can easily remove the hood and tracking step, transforming the box into an open-air litter tray.

The final reason we love the AutoEgg is because of the innovative health tracker. This unique feature logs all of your kitty’s visits and tracks their health, alerting you of any causes for concern.

Elderly cats become prone to many ​age-related feline diseases​, many of which display symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation. The health tracker of the AutoEgg can pick up on any changes like this and notify you immediately.

Best For Large/Overweight Cats – PetSafe ScoopFree

The ScoopFree automatic litter box from PetSafe is a low entry, open-air unit (you can also purchase a hood attachment if your kitty is comfortable with that). The design makes it ideal for large breeds and overweight felines who would otherwise feel claustrophobic with an enclosure.

The entry step is roughly 7 inches high and is curved, allowing overweight and ​obese cats trouble-free access. The easy to enter box is popular with chubby kitties who don’t enjoy jumping into their bathroom as some other models require.

The crystal litter that the ScoopFree uses is cleaner than traditional clay litter, producing less dust and tracking. The big paws of large breed cats tend to catch many clay litter grains each time they leave the box, but this is not a problem with silica gel crystals.

Best For Multi-Cat Homes – CatGenie

Some automatic litter boxes only accommodate one cat, which is a problem for cat lovers with more than one fur baby at home. However, we found that the CatGenie perfectly handles 2 or even 3 cats at a time!

This is due to the flushable cleaning system. The CatGenie uses washable granules, which are cleaned and recycled to the litter bed. The solids get scooped out, and the liquid waste drains away while the granules remain intact for reuse.

The CatGenie is a true self-washing litter box. Unlike the majority of other models, you don’t need to empty the waste drawer. Therefore multiple cats can use the box without the worry of the waste compartment overflowing or running into territorial issues due to residuals scents.

Another feature of the CatGenie we love is the ability to choose either motion-sensing cleaning after each use or pre-set self-cleaning up to eight times a day.

Even with four cats using the box, this is more than enough cleaning cycles, so your fur babies will have consistently ​clean litter​. What’s more, the toilet-like box is spacious enough to fit cats of all ages and sizes.

So Which Automatic Litter Box Is Best For ALL Cats?

If we had to pick just one of these four self-cleaning litter boxes to serve cats of all ages and sizes, we would go for the AutoEgg. The low entry step is accessible and comfortable for large, overweight, and even senior felines.

What’s more, the four additional daily cleaning cycles make it a worthy choice for kittens (who might be too light for the motion sensors to pick up). Learn more about the AutoEgg ​here​.

Taking the time to research all your options first will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of a self-cleaning litter box and put an end to scooping cat litter for good!

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