Stackin Up Entertainment- What Are Music Distribution Services

Stackin Up Entertainment- What Are Music Distribution Services

In 2020, it is simpler than any time in recent memory to sell your music on significant stages, for example, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora, Shazam, Apple Music and not failing to remember the monster that is Spotify. To do as such, autonomous artists can utilize music circulation organizations, who go about as the mediator among artists and streaming stages. Dispersion administrations exist to get artist’s music out to crowds. Record Label were at one time the guardians of the whole music industry, and recently did the legwork and protected arrangements with conveyance organizations who might then convey actual music to stores. Nonetheless, presently artists can deal with this all themselves utilizing distributors. 

By and large, 40,000 tracks were delivered each day through computerized distributors. Things being what they are, with the conduits opened to a universe of hopeful artists and names attempting to become showbiz royalty – which computerized music circulation administration will be the correct accomplice for you Who can best assistance you attempt to explore through the commotion of the present over-immersed industry How about we investigate a portion of our top picks.

Stackin Up Entertainment– Best Music Distribution Services 

Gregory Brown-Maybe you are starting out as an artist or label and want to get the ball rolling with your first few singles? Or maybe you require a team to provide guidance throughout your release? Either way, you will want to ensure that you are with the right partner to upload music to streaming services. So, what is the best place to Major Distribution music? It depends on your budget and what additional services you may need.

Whether you are considering switching from your current distributor or are looking for your first, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a Music Record Label based in Richmond, Virginia founded and created by pioneer, Gregory Craig Brown Jr in 2018. Stackin Up Entertainment offers Major Distribution powered by EMPIRE Distribution as well as Major Distribution powered by The Orchard. Stackin Up Entertainment offers Spotify Play-listing, Google Press, and  Major Distribution for Major & Independent artist across the world. Stackin Up Entertainment is a professional label that have the proper tools to properly campaign your record/records.

Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a brand that produced a record on Spotify that hit over 500k streams on Spotify, and S.U.E received a plaque for all the hard work. Stackin Up Entertainment believes in continuous growing, confidence, professionalism, innovation, relationships, and longevity. Stackin Up Entertainment slogan is, “We make visions come true.”  This simply means any idea we talk about or think about, we simply bring that vision to life. Stackin Up Entertainment has access to IG Celebrity engagement to raise awareness to your IG post organically. S.U.E also offers Organic Royalty Eligible Spotify promotion that earns revenue, as well as press release such as medium that will index you on google to keep you in the public’s eye. We have been in business for 11 years and we are here to add value to anyone’s career as well as build with them if you are in need of our services.  

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