Invention And Intrigue With ‘WandaVision’

Others have said it, but one of the most-impressive things Marvel has done is gotten people excited for characters that were not previously major names, even in the comic books. This whole thing really started with Iron Man, after all. I had heard of Iron Man, mostly because I knew there was a comics run where Tony Stark had become an alcoholic and people said it was really good and strong dramatic storytelling. To me, though, Marvel was about Spider-Man and the X-Men and maybe the Incredible Hulk. Iron Man became their biggest character. I had never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before the first movie was announced. Most people hadn’t. They are all now huge characters. Chris Pratt is a huge movie star for playing Peter Quill. What’s even more impressive to me, though, is that they’ve now made me really excited for a show that’s built around Wanda Maximoff and Vision.

When Marvel brought us Guardians of the Galaxy, I bought in right away after having seen the movie. However, I have not felt that way about Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, or Vision. I had read a bit about Scarlet Witch before Age of Ultron, but Vision was new to me. In the movies, I can’t say I’ve ever loved either of these characters, or cared too much about their romance. Now, when Vision died in Infinity War of course it worked for me. That was just good storytelling. Still, the idea of a show about Wanda and Vision? In a vacuum, that’s a shrug.

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Then, I saw what WandaVision was going to be. As I write this, the show has not yet debuted on Disney+, but I’m super intrigued based on what I’ve seen. It seems like nothing that has been done in the Marvel Universe before. It does seem kind of like Legion, the FX show, but that wasn’t a good show so I hope it isn’t too much like that. Admittedly, WandaVision looks meta and like its riffing on the history of television and sitcoms, which is incredibly up my alley. I don’t know if a Marvel product has been more tied directly to my sensibilities, and Captain Marvel was set in the ‘90s.

When you do something cool, you can make me interested in almost any character. The first two Thor movies held no interest to me. Thor: Ragnarok is maybe my favorite Marvel movie. Wanda and Vision haven’t done much for me in the movies. Now, I am really looking forward to seeing what WandaVision brings to the table. I hope it lives up to my hype. And if I am able to actually get into these two characters? So much the better.

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