How to Choose a Blender for Smoothie

Are you looking for a power-packed beginning of a brand new day? A smoothie is always an excellent idea. Not only are smoothies packed with flavour and nutrients, but they restore your body to factory settings.   

A good blender is a must-have appliance. It enables you to taste life’s deliciousness in the form of shakes, smoothies and salad dressings. There are so many varieties of blenders that you have to be smart and choose the right one. Below you will find essential details about choosing the right smoothie blender that succeeds in making the thickest and the creamiest smoothies in no time.

Tips for choosing the best blender for smoothies


Before buying a blender, the first and the foremost thing is to decide in advance how much money to can spare to get the blender of your dreams. You do not have to pay off all your savings. Get a good blender that is suitable for smoothies. 

You do not have to buy a top-notch machine as you wouldn’t be performing other complicated kitchen tasks with it. There are many affordable choices available that could fit your needs perfectly.


Since you’ll be using your blender primarily for smoothies, you do not need a high-powered machine. A blender that works with less than 600 watts would do the trick. Also pre-determine the frequency of making smoothies. If you wouldn’t be using your blender more than thrice a week, consider buying a low-powered model. 


You are buying a blender to get a good smoothie. Therefore, the quality of smoothies your blender can manage is critical. A glass of the fluffiest, creamiest, and the most delicious smoothie would undoubtedly make your day. 

Before you buy, make sure your blender can efficiently blend the most crucial ingredient for a smoothie: ice. Moreover, a blender should be capable of blending perfectly without leaving any chunks behind.


There are many pitcher varieties available in the market. You would find blender pitcher materials ranging from polycarbonate plastic to glass. Consider looking for a high-quality plastic pitcher with a handsome design and sturdy handle for more durability and convenience.


For liquefying and emulsifying smoothie ingredients for a creamy texture, you should select a blender with 3 to 8-speed settings. Your blender must have a pulse button to control the pressure building up on your machine’s motor.


A perfect blender is not just about making perfect smoothie should also have simple functions. Moreover, it should be easy to clean, operate and store when not in use. It should allow you to throw your smoothie ingredients in and walk away. 

Besides, it should be compact and take less counter space. Assembling and disassembling a blender is also a vital aspect to consider. Also, review its noise level. If your blender wakes up the neighbourhood, you’ll always be afraid to use it.

A blender where you find all the qualities as mentioned above together is truly an epitome of perfection.

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