Why termite proofing is required?

In Australia, a majority of people live in wooden houses because they look nice and are cozy during winters. More than 90% of a wooden house is made out of wood, which unfortunately is the best meal for termites. Having a termite infestation is a very disastrous event as most of the things present in your house serve as a source of food for them. In our professional carrier Melbourne Pest Control workers have seen that in Australia 1 out of every 6 houses has a termite problem and in some high-risk places, 1 out of 3 houses are infested by termites. Termites are blind, squishy, white devils with antennas in place of horns. They can chew through anything that’s made up of cellulose.

Another big problem of termites is that they can be found in colonies, having population anywhere between hundreds to over millions. So you must always be prepared for a situation like this or you can have termite proofing in your home to prevent a termite infestation. You cant get an insurance policy to protect your house against termites so the only option for you is to get some termite pest control by Melbourne Pest Control.

Termites are hungry little creations of God that feed on anything made of cellulose. Following are the favorite meals of termites:

  • Wood
  • Carpets
  • Plants
  • Books
  • Wooden frames
  • Fabric
  • Damp wood

Signs of termite infestation


To know if there’s a termite infestation taking place in your building, you should keep your eyes and ears open and look for the signs mentioned below by Melbourne Pest Control:

  • Clicking sounds: if there are termites in your walls or furniture then you will hear constant clicking sounds. This sound is produced whenthese little bugs are moving here and there inside wood or when they chew through the wood.
  • White ants: many times people mistake termites to be ants and ignore them. But you should know the difference between an ant and a termite. Termites are smaller in size, have a thicker waist, and straight antennas.
  • Trouble in opening windows and doors: when termites are digging through your wooden doors or windows, they end up warping the wood and as a result, it gets tough for you to open them.
  • Hollow sound from wall: knock on the walls or any other wooden material in your home and if you hear a hollow sound or papery sound then mate, you have some uninvited guests. 
  • Termite droppings: most of the time termites use their droppings to make the tunnels over the wooden area but the dry wood termites don’t do this. Instead, they just throw it away at the end of their trail, which you might notice as a dark powder-like substance near their entrance hole.

Reason for termite proofing your home

There are some very obvious reasons for which termite proofing becomes a must for your homes. As per Melbourne Pest Control, the main reasons that make termite proofing so essential for your home are:

  • Not easy to detect:

If you ever had an encounter with termites then one thing is for sure that you will agree with the fact that they are not easily detected. One reason is that they are sneaky little creatures that live right under our noses inside any wooden article present in our home. Another thing is that if you have detected their movement then it’s most probably too late for you to do anything about them as they become noticeable when the infestation is at its peak.

  • Widespread damage:

Termites chew on anything that is made up of cellulose including wood, paper, cardboard, clothes, etc. Along with that, they end up damaging anything that is in the way of their food. Once they have entered your home, in no time they will infiltrate all the wooden walls, shelves, cupboards, and any other wooden item present nearby.

  • The repair cost is high:

After you notice that there’s an infestation and call any professional like Melbourne Pest Control for termite control, you will be shocked to discover that how far the termites have damaged your property and the amount of money that you might have to spend on repairing all your stuff that has been damaged by termites. In many instances, people have to throw away their belongings as things become irreparable.

  • Health hazards

There’s a slim chance of you getting bitt by a termite but there’s still a chance for that happening as the soldier termites can bite you if you disturb their colony. Termites don’t carry any kind of harmful venom but if a person has some sort of allergies in the past then a termite sting can be harmful to that person and in some cases termite bite has caused asthma attacks to a person.

  • Uninsurable risk

The damage caused by termites is not covered under any insurance contract because the damage caused by termites is damage done by insects that cannot be insured under any kind of insurance companies’ contract. So in case you have a termite problem in your home then it will be a deduction from your savings.

Your house is never safe from termites so call Melbourne Pest Control to make your home termite-proof. The saying “precaution is better than cure” is quite correct in the case of termites as you can save lots of money just by making your house termite-proof rather than getting your home termite-free after an infestation. Another thing that you should never forget is that once your property has been raided by termites, there’s always a chance of a second raid so don’t take a chance and call Melbourne Pest Control for getting an appointment for termite proofing your home.

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