The Latest Story From The Music Industry’s Hero: Brandon O’Connell

The Latest Story From The Music Industry’s Hero: Brandon O’Connell

Lately, the music industry has been seeing unprecedented changes due to the current pandemic. There have been more music releases than ever before which have saturated the markets making it near impossible for artists to stand out. Brandon O’Connell is a 36-year-old entrepreneur that has dedicated his life to helping others find success. With his expertise, countless artists and brands have been able to shine using his new-school marketing techniques and leadership.

Starting out, Brandon joined the entertainment industry at the age of 23 by falling in love with the creative process. Fast forwarding to about four years ago, O’Connell’s career began taking off as he was invited to work on projects like Coachella and Stagecoach, as well as with celebrities like Kanye West. After working with these brands consistently, Brandon started being referred to as “the branding mogul”  and since has been the secret sauce people have used to succeed.

Brandon O’Connell’s method of taking a brand from zero to hero isn’t only due to his A-list connections. A big part of Brandon’s technique is his relentless ability to never give up on a client. About this mindset Brandon said, “Don’t ever give up. Some people will tell you that you’re crazy and you might feel like it sometimes,  but never give up”.

Each client “the branding mogul” has worked with has received Brandon’s full attention on every project. Now mobilizing this laser focus into the new year, Brandon O’Connell is on the search for superstars he can add to his already impressive A-list roster.

Connect with Brandon on Instagram at: @trashcancut

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