Should you repair your carpet or replace it?

Without any doubt, carpets are considered the best floor décor used in Australia and almost everyone has carpets in their house. They don’t just make your home look nice but also keep you warm in the winters. But there are so many problems associated with having carpets in your home. They often get dirty, torn, burnt, etc due to which many people replace them from time to time. But is the replacement of carpet the best option or repairing them is the correct thing to do. According to Smith Cleaning Services Canberra, more than 66% of people prefer replacing their carpet rather than getting them cleaned and repaired. 

Replacing carpets can be the best option in some cases but not always. There are some instances when you can easily get your carpet repaired but you don’t know whether to get them repaired or replaced. As per Smith Cleaning Services Canberra and many other professionals, the repair is the best option for your carpets as they are your investment and require a lot of money to get a new carpet. When it comes to replacing carpets people only consider the amount of money spent on the purchase of new carpet but they forget to consider the cost of removing old carpet and replacement cost. 

So instead of replacing try to repair them on your own or call professionals like Smith Cleaning Services Canberra for carpet repair in Canberra. Here are listed some of the major problems associated with carpets and solutions to them are also stated.

  • Burnt carpet

Carpets can get easily burnt and end up looking horrible. The most common reason for carpet burns iscigarette ashes or hot iron. In some cases,you put a hot pot or any other hot utensil on the carpet that ends up damaging the fibers of the carpet. The best way to take care of a burnt carpet is patchwork. You have to remove the burnt area and replace it with a fresh patch or call Smith Cleaning Services Canberra for doing it.

If carpet burns are in larger areas then it’s most viable to replace the carpet as patchwork won’t be possible. So getting a new carpet will be the best choice if the carpet is burnt in several places. 

  • Wears and tears

If you have a cat or a dog in your home then you might be having torn edges of carpets as whenever pets get anxious or feel like going out they start scratching the carpet on the edges or at the doorways, to escape the room and end up damaging the carpet.It’s a common problem and can be fixed in no time by professionals. So get in contact with Smith Cleaning Services Canberra and get your carpet repaired rather than getting a new carpet to replace the damaged one.

  • Discolored patches

There are numerous reasons due to which your carpets become discolored. Many times you try to clean your carpets with DIY techniques and as a result discolor your carpet. That’s become each carpet is made up of different materials andthe same cleaning technique can’t be used on all of them. 

Professional cleaners like Smith Cleaning Services Canberracan help you with matching the color of the carpet again but if most of the time getting a new carpet is awise choice or you can get your carpet dyed evenly to make it look good again.

  • Stains and spots

Many people prefer having carpets in slightly dark shades so that spots or stains don’t look too bad on them. But no matter how dark the color of the carpet is, stains are always visible when you look closely. Some spots can be removed easily but most of the time the stains are very tough to remove. Stains of wine, coffee, sauces, blood, etc are so tough that no matter how hard you try there’s always a mark left behind. 

Many people give up on cleaning carpets and decide to get a new carpet that does not get dirty easily but instead they should call carpet cleaners to make their carpets stain free. 

  • Depressions and folds

Depressions are caused due to furniture and other heavy objects that are placed on the carpets. The simplest way to deal with depressions is to rotate your furniture from time to time and as a result, the depressions will be cures. But moving furniture around is not an easy job and during this process, the carpet may stretch and end up having folds over it. Having folds on the carpet does not mean that it’s the end of the life of your carpet. You can re-stretch your carpet to get rid of these folds. So instead of getting a new carpet you can either get a knee kicker or rent a power stretcher from the store to re-stretch your carpet. If you want to save time and headache then call Smith Cleaning Services Canberra for doing this work for you.
In short, you can say that getting a regular carpet cleaning session from professionals can save you lots of money and extend your carpet’s expected lifespan. Buying a new carpet can be quite heavy on your pocket so don’t just throw away your old carpets if you find some problem with it, instead call Smith Cleaning Services Canberra so that we can make your carpets look new again. And one thing that everyone should remember is that repairing carpets is not only good for you but also good for nature because if you throw the old carpet away, the chances of it being recycled are very thin as it takes a lot of work to recycle them. So think for yourself as well as nature and get your carpets repaired. If the carpet is not in the shape of being repaired then we won’t give you false hopes for our benefit and advise you to get a new one.

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