Organic DIY tips for natural termite control

Termites are one of the threatening pests to persist in any accommodation. They have a high capacity to get outnumbered in moist conditions in almost bare minimum time. Having the presence of these termites makes the scenario turn even more problematic. The destruction caused by these gnawing insects can make up for nearly a thousand for repair. Among the varied species of the termites, the most commonly found in the Dry wood type found in the residential areas.

 They exclusively feed on the wooden furniture and prove to be the destruction feeder of all. Well, while all these drastic conditions get dwelled in any space it becomes important to look for a resolute way of termite removal. Professional pest control service is an essential step to the growing menace of pests in any accommodation. The best Termite treatment is the one that is both safe and potent in action. Certainly, there could be a varied reason for the termites to appear in your residential or commercial premises such as:

  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Unchecked cupboards
  • Damp or moist spaces
  • Lack of adequate sunlight and many more.

The best of Termite removal can be looked at with constructive methods only. When it comes to get rid of termites, a few essential steps and DIY must be kept in mind so that you never get encountered with these nasty pests. Read down more to learn about these varied DIY’s which could make your life much more easies while it comes to effective termite removal:

Boric acid:  Boric acid is one of the most prominently used agents to counter the termite attacks at your premises. Boric acid is a mild chemical and should be used with caution. The acid must be dissolved in equal proportion with water and then to be sprayed at the desired targeted area. Apart from this in severe cases where the number of termites has grown considerably, boric acid can be directly sprayed at the site for even more better results. Care must be taken to wear gloves while using this potent DIY to get rid of termites.

Diatomaceous earth: Sprinkling the diatomaceous earth at the targeted area can be directly used to eradicate the termites with an effective line. This method is indeed considered to be a safe and easy method to deal with termite removal.

Prevent moisture: As already cited, the presence of moisture is considered as one of the foremost reasons for the growth of these termites. The moist and damp temperature allows these termites to thrive and hence complicates the termite removal process to even more high lines. Maintaining the cleanliness quotient has always been like more of a thumb rule while dealing with pest infestation. Taking care of these similar points including the cleaning and making space well ventilated to sunlight the termite removal can be achieved.

Orange spray and peels: Citrus fruits are found to carry the astringent action which is even more impactful along with the strong aroma they have. Perhaps due to these very reasons only the orange peels and sprays can also be used for effective Termite removal. The ingredients have an easy application with great results.

Vinegar: When it comes to making the use of vinegar in the termite control process. White as well as red vinegar both can be used to get associated. Mixing the vinegar with a 4:1 ratio with water and then spraying across the targeted area can be used to get rid of termites. This termite treatment must be repeated 3 times a week to even look for an absolute way of termite control with fewer chances of their reappearance as well.

Salt: The common salt can be used as a readily quick fix to any of the termite trails spotted across your space. Sprinkling a pinch of salt over the termites and area most prone to them can be used to reduce the chance of their growing infestation.

Essential oils: Making use of the essential oils is an efficient organic deal to treat the termite’s infestation in a much better way. Clove oil, peppermint oil, or even lemongrass oil which when admixed with equal proportion of water and sprayed at target spaces can be used to remove the termites from the suspectable areas.

Well, having read all the effective organic ways to get rid of termites indeed you can make your space termite free. In other cases where the number of termites has literally grown to a very high number which is nearly not possible to get tackled by natural means, one can always look for the professional termite treatment control option. Termite treatment Sydney is one of the most suggested options which makes you deal with stubborn pest infestation. The highly equipped team of termite control professionals makes your space readily pest-free both within time and economically. Wait no more and Effectively Get rid of termites that have been found to ruin the very aesthetic appeal of your wooden furnishings.

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