Norway will be presenting on Eurosonic with four local artists

The global pandemic has taken over the modern world and has definitely made some changes to our daily routines. It paused the natural habitat of the world and made us live according to its own rules. Due to the pandemic, all of the major events have been postponed or switched to online platforms, in order to provide more safety and security for the people’s health.

The new hope for a better future and perhaps a chance of getting back to the previous life is set since the first introduction to the vaccine. Severa vaccines by pharmaceutical companies have already been used on people and without major backlash and side effects people started to march proudly in the streets all over again.

While the complete rehabilitation process is still far away in the future, this year promises to be more active than 2020, at least by the second half. Small movements in the social aspect are already visible and some events are already planned for this year. As we have all witnessed socialization is the key to our well-being and with the limited social behavior, we all struggle with facing ourselves.

The first and so far the most positive and the biggest event possible scheduled for the beginning of the year is the Eurosocin music event. It is one of the biggest important festivals in the music industry, which attracts the attention of numerous people and stars. It is one of the most important showcase areas and conferences in Europe.

There are over 400 participants in the event and it was said that Norway should be one of them. The news has spread regarding the participation of four Norwegian artists in the show, which has a very positive reaction among Norwegian society and stars.

Norway is in the center of attention

Eurosonic is definitely worth an attention event, especially when your country presents with several artists. Norway announced the news with honor and pride and so did several companies that are about to invest in the sponsorship of the local artists. Among many famous Norwegian names, there are names of Norwegian online casinos, which are willing to sponsor the artists for the show.

The engagement of the online casinos is very important, as they usually are some of the biggest sponsors of the shows. According to the website Norsk Casino Online, the rumor of state-owned online casinos sponsoring four of the Norwegian artists to the Eurosonis was spread shortly after the show named the names of SKAAR, Sassy 009, Orions Belte, and Henrik Felipe as the participants.

The festival will happen digitally from the 13th to the 16th of January and should be streamed on several channels. This is very challenging not only for the festival but also for the artists as well. The show has to deal with every digital aspect and plus deliver a high-quality product to the audience. Though with the amount of support and investors it is still very promising and hopefully will be as entertaining as the previous ones.

The schedule

The official agenda for the artists are already settled down, and here is the outlook on the performance dates of the Norwegian artist on the show.

Henrik Felipe

Channel: ESNS 04

Date: Wednesday, Jan 13

Time: 21:25 – 21:40


Channel: ESNS 03

Date: Thursday, Jan 14

Time: 21:25 – 21:40

Orions Belte

Channel: ESNS 02

Date: Friday, Jan 15

Time: 21:50 – 22:00

Sassy 009 (Music Moves Europe Award)

Channel: ESNS 01

Date: Friday, Jan 15

Time: 22:25 – 22:40

Background of Eurosonic

The festival is an annual four-day music showcase festival and conference held in January in Groningen, Netherlands. The first three days of the festival feature artists from all over Europe, while the last day of the festival features only Deutch artists. Last year the festival was held on the 15 to 17th of January, just before the pandemic started in Europe.

Around 4000 delegates, including 400 international festivals show up at the conference each year. Last year, 30 Norwegian industry professionals traveled to be part of the Eurosonic showcase show.

The Norwegian artist has been especially popular throughout the past several years. Recently, Norwegian artists and overall Norwegian industry have been well presented at Eurosonic. Several artists from Norway have won awards at the event. The award nominees and winners include such popular artists as Alan Walker, Sigrid, Aurora, Todd Terje, Envy, and many more.

The festival has a very impressive track record of new acts that have helped breakthrough through the international live music scene. The event has kick-started the international career of artists as famous as Shame, Roosevelt, Aurora, Dua Lipa, and many more. It did not happen instantly, but rather with time. This has been done both by offering them the stage during Eurosonic, but also by supporting them further on their music career journey, right while making their appearance on the international level. The showcase event supports the artists through their European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP), which is one of the biggest talent support programs not only on the European but also on the global scale.

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