Motorcycling injuries Compensation in Australia

Generally speaking, motorcycling is a passionate and sensitive way of transportation. Bikers mostly obey all the traffic rules with a great commitment as a distraction for a split second might end up with physical harm. In case an unfortunate injury occurs in the Australian roads, a rider can claim motor accident compensation to ease their pain and financial difficulties. Fortunately, in Australia, victims of motor vehicle accidents can receive benefits for a limited time even if they are at fault.

What is CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance?

Compulsory Third-Party Insurance which is also known as a Green Slip, is obligatory insurance that every vehicle should be covered with before registering. CTP’s sole purpose is to protect people in a motor vehicle accident in case an accident results in physical harm. CTP covers passengers, pillion passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers and the drivers of public busses, taxis, and even the operators of the agricultural vehicles.

Suffering injuries due to a motorbike accident

Motorbikers suffering injuries and have a loss of income may compensate for their sufferings by personal injury benefits and common law damages.

  1. Personal injury benefits

You may retrieve up to 95% of your income loss for 13 weeks with income support payments. After 14 weeks, you can continue to receive income support payments up to 85% of your pre-accident income. After 6 months, if you are suffering severe injuries and if you are not wholly or mostly at fault, you can continue to receive income support payments for 24 months. Income support payments will then end if an application for common law damages has not been made.

  • Common law damages (Lump sum payment)

You may to entitled to lump sum payment if you are not at wholly at fault and sustain severe injuries. Lump sum payment may be received for both of your economic and non-economic loss. Economic loss is defined as past and future economic loss, loss of earning capacity and impairment, while non-economic loss relates to pain & suffering, loss of amenities of life, reduced life expectancy and disfigurements. You can claim lump sum payment for non-economic loss if the degree of permanent impairment is more than 10%.

How to claim motorbiking accident compensation?

Firstly, right after the accident, seek medical aid. Then, reports the accident to the police within 28 days. You can also notify the relevant insurer and request them to arrange initial hospital care. You can benefit from two treatment sessions from a general practitioner before lodging a claim. Although you can claim within 3 months, it is better to claim in 28 days so that you can receive back pay. Within 3 days of lodging a claim, the insurer will get in contact with you and the claim will be processed in 4 weeks. Then, your medical and treatment costs will be covered.

You can claim personal injury benefits without making too much effort. However, to receive lump sum compensation, many documents will be needed and the claim requires great exertion. A lot of time will be spared to the insurers and the medical appointments.

Do I need a lawyer to claim motorcycling accident compensation?

The process of claiming motor accident compensation is complex and requires great attention. Most importantly, a lump sum compensation you may receive will secure your future while suffering severe injuries and permanent impairment. It is a situation that a professional should manage to have the case resolved with the best outcome. It is also well known that individuals representing themselves are facing the risk of not being aware of your rights. A lawyer will not take a part of your compensation instead, he or she will lawyer will earn their money by maximising your compensation. If you hesitate to work with a lawyer to prevent any further financial difficulties, you can choose to work with a lawyer acting on no win no fee basis. A no win no fee lawyer will only get paid if you can successfully receive compensation.

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