Is an AC Tune-Up Necessary? How Often Should Your AC Be Tuned Up?

One of the important appliances we tend to overlook is our air conditioner. Not a lot of us actually think about AC tune-ups, with many wondering if they are really required.

Short answer: YES, AC tune-ups are necessary! Regular AC tune-ups can provide your AC the care and maintenance it needs to perform excellently.

But what benefits do AC tune-ups offer and how often will you need to do this? Read on to find out or contact aircon service.

Why Your AC Requires a Tune-Up

Now that you know why your AC unit requires a tune-up, the next question is: Why should you maintain your AC? Here are reasons why you shouldn’t skip your next AC tune-up:

  1. Gives Your AC a Head Start

If you haven’t used your AC in a few months from the winter season, then it most likely won’t perform at peak efficiency when you begin to use it again everyday come summer.

To put things in perspective, consider driving a car you haven’t been using for a few months. Before you begin a long drive, you’ll want to bring your car for a tune-up to ensure it’s running in top condition. The same would go for your AC!

With annual tune-ups before the summer, it will give your AC the head start to have it perform as new.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run

You can prevent AC problems when you give it a tune-up, making sure it performs well and that all its parts are in good condition. If you choose to ignore the tune-up, you’ll end up risking damaging your AC, which will require repairs.

Such repairs may end up being costlier compared to taking preemptive maintenance. Not only will this cost more money, but it may take some time before your unit is repaired, so you might end up waiting during the hotter weather.

Technicians performing the tune-ups will be able to detect small problems and fix them before they become even bigger. That way, you save the hassle and money of repair services.

  1. Don’t Void Your Warranty

You might not worry about your AC repairs as much since it’s under warranty. After all, most new AC units come with limited warranties with the package.

But wait! Did you know your warranty may require you to keep the unit maintained? You can see this on warranty certificates from big manufacturers, stating that they do not provide replacement parts unless your AC has been maintained regularly by an HVAC professional.

  1. Your AC Can Last Longer

With regular maintenance, you get fewer repairs which prolong the AC’s lifespan. If you neglect your AC’s maintenance needs, it can reduce its lifespan.

When you keep your AC maintained, it would have it perform well for as long as possible. Furthermore, it can run at an even higher efficiency throughout the unit’s lifespan, so your home stays cool and your household comfortable.

  1. Increase AC Efficiency and Decrease Cooling Costs

Did you know that for every year your skip AC tune-ups, the unit’s operating efficiency may decrease by five percent?

This is because dust and debris would collect on the AC’s coils over time, with the buildup impeding airflow and blocking heat transfer. The condensate drain can also become clogged, which hinders the AC’s ability to control humidity, even causing water damage in the house.

To add, the AC’s motor parts may lack lubrication, causing friction that reduces its operating efficiency, and its blower components require cleaning and adjustment, or it may cause airflow problems.

By addressing these parts with an AC tune-up, you won’t only have a better-performing AC, but decrease utility costs in the long run.

How Often Should You Have Your AC Tuned Up

With the benefits of having your AC tuned up, you might want to do it more often now. But wait! Don’t spend too much money going for too many tune-ups, though. You won’t need to have it tuned up monthly!

How many times should you have your AC tuned up, then?

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your AC tuned up once a year, which is usually required for warranty compliance. However, you may want to get your unit tuned up twice a year, nothing more than 4 times yearly. I recommend that you have your AC checked come springtime, right before the hotter weather arrives.

Here are other signs that indicate it’s time to have your AC tuned up as well:

  • There is a noise problem when operating the AC
  • Poor performance, with the home taking a long time to cool down or never reach your desired temperature
  • Your utility bills for the AC are increasing, showing poor performance

Wrapping It Up

If you want to continue staying comfortable during the summer season, then you need to take care of your air conditioner. To do this, you’ll need to have it checked regularly with tune-ups. While you don’t need to have professionals tuning up your unit every month, a few times a year can make a huge difference for your AC.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn all about AC tune-ups and when you need to do these required checks. So, schedule your next aircon service now and make sure your AC is working as it should.

Do you have questions or want to share your experiences and insights on AC tune-ups? Share them in the comments section below, I appreciate all of your thoughts and knowledge.

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