How to improve your tennis skills?

Tennis is an amazing sport with many psychological and physical benefits. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are the three big names of tennis. Often, beginners find it difficult to play tennis as they may not be fully aware of the proper techniques to follow. Knowing and understanding the practices and enhancing your tennis skills is an important factor for a professional tennis player.

Here is how you can improve your tennis skills.

Hold the racket properly

While this is often overlooked, the way you hold the tennis racket is one of the most important aspects of the game. Most of the professional players use continental on their volleys and serves.

There are three main ways of holding the racket properly; western, eastern and continental. Understanding different ways of holding the racket will help you in improving your tennis skills. Most of the professional players use different styles of these grips which are best suited for their game. Also, never forget about footwear. Remember that it is of utmost importance to pick the right tennis shoes to improve your game

Never ignores the importance of warm-up

A warm-up can help you in improving your tennis skills as it helps you to relax your muscles and get ready for the next game. Know about the beneficial ways to warm up and get in shape for the match. You can also go to the tennis court with your trainer or partner and slowly throw the ball back and forth to feel it.

Don’t move your head

If you are being worried that why you are not hitting the shots, be sure not to lift or move your head while playing the stroke. Follow the tennis ball towards your racquet and keep your head still until the ball is touched. Making sure to do this will improve your balance and coordination of your game.

Stick to a specific style of play

Don’t get creative on the pitch and hit the shots you know will work. The best players have only one or two specific styles of play. But the unprofessional players have a lot of different styles. Therefore, stick to a specific style of play.

Recognize the strong and weak points of your opponents

You have two options for attacking your opponent. You can attack his weakness early, or you can make him go through his strengths first to unlock his weakness. Your perception of the opponent’s game will make the difference between breaking up your opponent and lying on the couch when you were supposed to play the next round.

Improve tennis IQ

Improving your tennis IQ can help you a lot in improving your tennis skills. Read some good tennis books or know about the style of the best tennis players. Just be sure to check all the YouTube information. Most of the time, spending a little bit of money to make sure you have reliable information is a much better strategy.

Always remember that there is no perfect way to play tennis, but there are a few basics that can improve the game of any tennis player. Use your time wisely and you will be pleasantly surprised when you return to court.

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