Director Guy Ritchie Casts Cary Elwes, Aubrey Plaza and Bugzy Malone for Untitled Action-Spy Thriller

Certain directors have the cache in Hollywood to land just about any actor that strikes their fancy: Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson are a few that instantly come to mind as those rare breed of powerhouses that command that type of respect and ardor from just about everybody in the world of film. Another name that doesn’t get as much play as these three gents but still has enough artistic credibility to put a gleam in most circles of thespians is that of Guy Ritchie. This fifty two year old Hatfield, United Kingdom native hit the ground running early on in his career with crackerjack dialogue and a rip-roarin’ sense of fun mixed with art in such romps as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Heck, those two gems alone almost forgives his one directorial misstep Swept Away, an ill-advised film the auteur shot with his then-wife Madonna (Yes, that Madonna). So all in all, it’s good to be Guy Ritchie, especially when you land a trio of great actors for an upcoming, as-of-yet untitled spy thriller.

 The Hollywood Reporter scooped us all yesterday (sigh) with the news that actors Cary Elwes (Glory, The Princess Bride), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Bugzy Malone (The Gentlemen) have just been cast in the new Guy Ritchie film which is being produced by Miramax and STX Films. This talented trio will be joining already announced actor Jason Statham (Crank, The Meg) for the project.

 The untitled flick – might I here suggest that Untitled Flick would make for a hell of a film title? – centers on a guns-and-steel agent (played by Statham) enlisted by a secretive organization called Five Eyes to seek out and put a stop to the sale of a slew of very bad weapons tech that could very well imperil the world. Flop sweats, anyone?

 This new Guy Ritchie film is set to begin filming this very week in Doha, Qatar. Directed and produced by Ritchie, the film was scripted by Ivan Atkinson (The Gentlemen) and Marn Davies (Wrath of Man). Ritchie contributed a revision to the script proper. Atkinson will also serve as a producer on the project alongside Bill Block of Miramax. Miramax will be fully financing the film with STX handling the distribution throughout the world.

Vents will let you know the latest on this film as more news begins coming in about it.

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