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Healthy, nutritious, and energetic – the caviar from Iran is famous for its utmost benefits and distinct taste. Thousands of years back, during the 4th century B.C, its usage can be recorded. The word “caviar” aka “caviare” is derived from the word of the roman language “khâvyâr”, which is defined as “egg-bearing”. Long ago, kings and the aristocracy used and considered caviar as a delicacy, even before the time they started using raw oysters, champagne, or let’s say truffles. People from the old times – Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Russian tsars used to generously spend their money on caviar.

The caviar can be described depending on the various countries, but traditionally, wild sturgeon is caught for the purpose of the Caspian Sea – The heavenly kingdom for caviar connoisseurs around the planet.

People who have already tasted it, or are fond of exploring different tastes and flavors from across the globe must give it a shot! One can Buy Beluga Caviar and enjoy the luxury food and savour its exclusive flavor and aroma. Although there are many countries that collect the sturgeon, Iran exports caviar substantially along with great quality.

What else does it offer?

As described in the earlier passage, it’s healthy and nutritious. It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins including omega 3, which is a well-known source for improving your immune, circulatory, and nervous system. It also completes your daily requirement of an adult dosage of vitamin B12 in just one serving. Other nutrients in the caviar include several vitamins; A, E, B6, and also Magnesium, Iron, and Selenium.

Types of Caviar:

There are several main types of caviar being consumed; Beluga caviar, Almas Caviar, Osetra Caviar, and Sevruga Caviar – all being of equal richness. Here is a little information giving about these types:

Beluga caviar

This caviar is prepared from the Beluga Sturgeon – the largest of all and weighs between 75 – 100 kgs. Interestingly, this type is most popular across the globe. It is a rich source of about 47 nutrients and minerals. Its color varies from light to dark grey. Its species can live up to 50 – 60 years!

  1. Almas Caviar

Brilliant white scintillating pearl-like mouth-watering caviar – Almas, is the rare kind of caviar, prepared from the Albino Beluga Sturgeon. It is amazing to note that the sturgeon has to get as old as 100 years before the eggs can be acquired. The caviar offers a unique buttery taste that takes you to another world when you take the first shot!

  1. Osetra Caviar

A delightful fusion of nutty and buttery flavor creates a mouth-watering sensation – Osetra Caviar is considered as sturgeon’s family’s “Golden Child” and is derived from Acipenser Sueldenstaedtii. Osetra Caviar is irresistible due to its tantalizing taste and firm texture. It has a goldish hue giving it a soft and tempting appearance. In the making of Iranian Osetra Caviar, they commonly utilize the traditional Malassol Method of treatment, where the amount of salt is minimized.

  1. Sevruga Caviar

Derived from prehistoric fish – Sevruga Sturgeon, which has its an estimated record back from 250 million years Sevruga Caviar or one can call it an edible pearl of Caspian Sea has been loved and appreciated back in centuries by Russian Tsar, Persian Prince, and English Baron.! Its eggs have a glistening appearance and are of bright grey shade. Its taste is vibrant and robust and contains a variety of nutrients.

Moreover, they are not only healthy but their texture is also appealing. Its tiny little glistening pearl-like appearance makes it more tempting. If you are more into enjoying the originality of things, you should go for and buy caviar online from here, as the recipe of this product is quite original and has been following the old traditional way of its preparation giving it a hue of royalty.

Nevertheless, these delicacies have been loved and preferred for a long time and still stands on the same level as royalty. These Iranian caviars have their legacy and are worth tasting. Many often, people are fond of experiencing exotic flavors – this is highly suggested to those who haven’t yet tried, as it has a great history and the most attractive thing about it is that its preparation methods are usually traditional, keeping its legacy alive.

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