Top 7 Nutritional Supplements for Professional Athletes

Top 7 Nutritional Supplements for Professional Athletes

Nutritional supplements are most popular among bodybuilders, athletes, sports men, etc. There are many nutritious supplements in the market but athletes mostly want protein in their Nutritious supplement as it the basic ingredient for muscle building.

In this blog we have listed 7 most trusted supplements that have been in demand for the longest time. Also there are some new supplements that are trying to challenge the top listed product. Read this blog to know more about Nutritious supplements and their benefits.

1. Cellucor COR-Performance 

COR-performance is an optimal and strong source of rich protein; this supplement is for athletes who follows strong diet and indulge in difficult workout that needs a lot of energy and nutritious supplements in their diet to maintain their muscle.

Cellucor COR-Performance is the best option to regain nutrients after a workout, this protein and nutritious supplement helps to build muscle faster than any other protein. 33g of this protein supplement contain 3g of carbs and 1.5g of total fat that does not allow to build-up extra fat in your body.

2. Optimum Nutrition 100%

You can buy this product in flavours like Chocolate Cake, Banana Cream and Chocolate Supreme. Optimum Nutrition 100% has highest protein content found in nutritious powders. It also contains 9 grams of BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) and Glutamine in one spoon.

 Optimum Nutrition Powder allows protein to be released very slowly which is important for muscle strengthening, as the exercises that athletes do takes time and do many repetitions to complete. Because muscle can only be builds as the protein is released which in turn shapes the muscles as the time pass.

3. Gaspari Nutrition Isofusion

If you take two spoons i.e. 31 grams of Gaspari Nutrition Isofusion you will get 25 grams of protein additionally. This protein is best for athlete’s body because it gets easily absorbed in their body and provides strength while gaining muscles.

This has rich BCAAs that stimulate your muscles, protein of muscle and synthesis in the body. It gives you strength for physical exercise and reduces muscle loosening. Hence, the athlete recovers faster after their exercise. It is gluten free and best option for people who are allergic to gluten. It is an easy digest nutritional supplement. You can buy this from any medical shop or from online shopping websites.

4. SAN 100% Pure Platinum Whey

SAN is processed in low temperature and 1 scoop of the same can fulfil almost 40% of your daily protein requirement that you lack in your food. This ultra-filtered whey nutritious supplement enhances the absorption of the protein in your blood stream and help to make more RBC’s, which leads to a better anabolic and metabolic action in your muscles.

This protein supplement is quite expensive as compared to other supplements but it is worth buying because it contains amino acid profile that has glutamic acid, lysine and arginine that fight with the post-workout catabolic effects and helps you improving muscular strength and endurance. You can buy this SAN 100% Pure Platinum from online medical oriented websites like Healthkart and can avail Healthkart Coupons to get reasonable discounts.  

5. Gaspari MyoFusion Probiotic Protein Powder

Sometimes it is very frustrating to drink protein because of their disgusting taste. If you too are suffering from same problem then this supplement is best option for you. MyoFusion Probiotic Protein Powder is available in many scrumptious flavours like milk chocolate, peanut butter, cookies and cream, strawberries.

MyoFusion is made up of numerous Amino Acids, and this Concentrate protein has Casein and Egg Albumin. It contains 24 grams protein and 9 grams of Amino Acids in every dose you take which is essential for building muscle and regeneration. And one of the best thing about this protein supplement is that it is very budget friendly.

6. BSN Syntha 6

It is very rare to find any nutritious powder to be healthy and tasty at the same time but this BSN Syntha 6 protein is very delicious in taste and nutritious too. This product is one of the most effective protein powders in the market for athletes, BSN Team has really done great job in the formulation of protein.

 It also contains healthy fat and fibre that is required for our body to endure long energetic exercises. BSN Syntha 6 contains essential amino acids, BCAAs, Glutamine, MCTs, EFAs, and Peptides. It helps in building endurance, and decreasing the risk of injuries especially during physical activities.

7. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

This nutritious powder is one of the top rated nutritional supplements. It contain 24Gm of protein in one spoon, this protein powder is best known for containing low concentrated fat,  and carbohydrates that are beneficial for our muscle health.

The building blocks of this nutritious supplement include Glutamine and Glutamic Acid, Branched Chain Amino Acids that is BCCAs, valine, and Leucine. This product is also approved and recognized by the Public Health and Safety Company, NSF International, and the Good Manufacturing Practices Program standards.


This blog is about nutritional supplements that are used by the athletes to maintain their body and strength. These supplements help them as they contain high protein and many more nutritious vitamin and minerals. Supplements like Gold Standard, BSN syntha 6 and SAN 100% pure platinum can be taken by anyone. It will provide you strength and make your body more active. In this blog we have provided detailed information about these supplements.

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