Influencer Marketing Agencies Can Increase Visibility

The effectiveness of influencer marketing agencies in increasing a brand’s visibility, introducing them to new markets, and publicizing their products and services through social media, is undeniable. With the ongoing growth of different social media platforms, Influencer marketing is a marketing facet every brand should consider to get ahead of their competition. 

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. It’s been around since the age of radio programs. But with the growing dominance of social media, it has evolved and taken on a new life. In the past, a well-known celebrity such as an actor or athlete would be approached to serve as a spokesperson for a brand or product line. 

Nowadays, the tables have turned, and people become celebrities because they have established themselves as influencers. These people have created a career out of social media by either trying out certain types of products and posting comments or videos of their opinions or serving as recognized and trusted spokespeople for hire. 

Whether you are hiring a known celebrity, or you’re soliciting the help of this new breed of social media influencers, an influencer marketing agency can help ensure that you’ve made the right decisions in your choice of spokespeople.

Three types of Influencers

We have pointed out the two most well-known and common types of influencers, but there is a third type of influencer as well. What are known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have also been serving as spokespeople for years. These people are recognized as experts in their fields. Think of Vera Wang being hired to sing the praises of a brand of jeans, or Gordon Ramsay rhapsodizing about a brand of wine. 

The first two types of influencers command attention because they are celebrities first and foremost. KOLs pique viewer’s interest because of their expertise in a particular field. They are influencers because of what they know, along with who they are. 

Image is Everything

One of the most crucial aspects of choosing an influencer is the reputation and background of the potential spokesperson. A brand cannot afford to be associated with anyone whose past or present history can, in any way, be damaging to your brand name. Therefore, brands looking for KOLs tend to use only the most well-respected and mature people to sign to a long-term contract. 

Establishing a link between an influencer and a brand name can backfire spectacularly. Look at Jared and Subway Sandwiches, or Bill Cosby and Jell-O Pudding, for example. You need to thoroughly vet your spokesperson before signing a contract with them. 

This is one of the ways that partnering with an influencer marketing agency can be a wise choice. They will consider your brand’s products and services, target markets, and the demographics of your intended audience and recommend influencers or KOLs that would best serve your brand’s image and goals. 

The influencer marketing agency can also negotiate the contract with the influencer of choice, write and produce the ads, and effectively place the ads to provide the greatest visibility for their clients.  

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