Hot Half Dozen January 12, 2021

We received 61 submissions.  Here are our 6 favs.

Istanbul, single by CYRRCA. A single from the artist’s new 13-song self-titled album. The album grew out of a round-the- world odyssey that ranged from the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Montenegrin coastline,  from Rumi’s shrine in Mevlana, Turkey, to the Korean mountainside.  A delicious range of styles and themes, “Insanbul” pulls them together with music, production and story. Scheduled for release Feb. 5, it can be pre-ordered at Apple Music or GooglePlay.

Retail Therapy by Katzù Oso.  Paul Hernandez, aka Katzù Oso, combines upbeat, dancey production with dreamy vocals from  his recently released EP, Colour. This young Latinx artist has emerged from recording in his bedroom and playing backyard parties in East LA to 2.5 million streams on Spotify. Available on all platforms.  See him on the Cosmica Sessions video at  

Fugitive Heart by Ten Penny Gypsy.  A beautiful, joyful, haunting album by the 5-time CMA nominated Arkansas duo Justin Patterson and Laura Lynn Daniel, known as Ten Penny Gypsy that will go to the top of your playlist even if folk is not there now.  They are just so god and so much fun. Check out my favorite song, “Mexico Flyer”.  Available on all streaming platforms.  CD and downloads from

For What It’s Worth single by Rebecca Angel. It is very hard to improve on the Buffalo Springfield classic, but jazz singer Rebeca Angel pulls it off in a way that gives new meaning to Steven Stills’ composition.  Now wonder it was named New Artist Breakout Single at the 2020 Independent Music Network Awards. Streaming on Spotify, YouTube, download at Amazon and iTunes.

New Truck, single by Florida Georgia Line.  Yes, this is the classic CW cliché but they do it so well and it is so much fun that you will love it even if you are not a country fan. And the song’s truck is an electric all-wheel drive model, so  what more can you ask?  From their Live Rolls On album due out in Feb. Streaming now on all platforms.

Tight Lipped single by Soraia.  Philadelphia rock quartet Soraia really knows how to put together a hypnotic rock song.  With frontwoman ZouZou Mansour’s uncanny voice is perfectly pitched to the guitars and holds you close while it beguiles you.   This is s a put-on-repeat song.  Released on a 7-inch EP with “Angel” on the b-side, you can stream it on all platforms.

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