4 Easy DIY Steps To Fix The Broken Screen Of Your Tablet Or Phone

A broken screen on your phone or tablet can result from design and manufacturing flaws, but in most cases, it happens because of some unfortunate accident.

The problem with broken or cracked screens is that it is expensive to fix. However, with a bit of practice, you can replace the broken screen all by yourself. It is not that difficult and will save you a lot of money.

Third-party repair shops will charge you over $200 depending on the model of the phone or tablet whereas you can fix it by yourself at one-third the cost.

All you need is the phone or tablet screen and tools like a pry opener, a screwdriver kit, small tweezers, a heat gun; and gloves for safety.

You can get most tools in screen repair kits that will only cost you about $10. For a tablet, you will need a replacement digitizer that you can get for $50.

Before putting your DIY skills to the test, consider the following things-

Are You Insured?

Phones or tablets that you buy from high-end retail stores usually come with warranties that do not cover accidental damages. This is why people get insurance for accidental damage.

If you already have a dedicated gadget insurer, then you will not have to worry about fixing it yourself or paying high prices to get it fixed.

Will The Manufacturer Cover You?

Most manufacturers offer a warranty and will cover any manufacturer’s malfunctions. This even includes damage to the screen. For instance, Apple is considering replacing the screen for affected phones.

If the crack on your screen is not your fault and you have your warranty intact then take it to the manufacturer to get free servicing.

Will Repairing End The Warranty?

If you try to fix your device by yourself or take it to a high-end third-party shop, your warranty will be terminated. If that happens, you cannot go back to your manufacturer for any free servicing.

4 Steps To Replace Broken Screen

With all that said and done, here are 4 easy steps to fix your broken screen in no time-

Step 1. Assess the Damage

Most of us use screen protectors. Despite having gorilla glasses and built-in protectors, it is still best to use another protector on top.

Most of the time, if you have a protector and accidentally drop your phone, it absorbs most of the shock and keeps the actual screen unharmed.

If you dropped your phone and see that the screen is shattered, carefully pry the protector off and see if the screen is really damaged. The same goes for your tablet. After any damage, see whether the actual screen is okay.

Step 2. Begin The Teardown

Once you have identified the extent of the damage, you can begin the teardown, and here is how you should do it-

  • Gently remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery.
  • Loosen the exposed cables like the camera cable and remove them once you have exposed the clasps. If you find tape-style cables, you will have to gently tug them since some of them will be stuck with adhesive.
  • Carefully unscrew the Torx screws that hold the back frame which contains the motherboard holding the LCD chassis. Put the screws in a bowl so you do not lose them.
  • Gently pull apart the frame from the chassis. If you feel any resistance, look for hidden screws and cables that may keep the frame attached to the chassis.
  • Unscrew the second layer of screws to detach the front bezel from the LCD chassis. Store the screws in a separate bowl.
  • Carefully detach the damaged/cracked glass from the front frame by using a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. Wear gloves and carefully pull them apart. Make sure you do not break the bezel while removing the broken glass because you will need it in one piece.

Step 3. Replace The Screen

Now that you have safely detached the broken screen, it is time to replace it with a fresh one.

First, you have to use two-sided tapes and attach them to the areas where the bezel does not have stickiness. You can also reuse the existing adhesive if possible. Make sure the tap does not accidentally stick to the visual or the inside part of the glass.

Next, reattach the seals and foam paddings. Once again, be careful not to touch the inside of the glass because it will be impossible to clean any fingerprints once you are done with the complete assembly.

Now you have to sort out the cables and firmly press the glass into the bezel to firmly put it in place. Slide the canned air slowly to keep the LCD free from dust.

Step 4. Reassemble & Enjoy

All that is left is to reattach the remaining parts. If you had to detach the camera, then attach it first and then reattach all the parts like the frame and chassis in order.

While attaching the cables, look for connections that are solid and make sure the claps remain opened. Keep count of your screw and do not worry if you have accidentally used the wrong screw set.

As we mentioned earlier, be sure to put the two sets of screws in separate bowls to avoid this sort of mistake. It is natural to make this small mistake the first few times.

Once you are done with the screws, reuse the metallic tape, and make sure everything was installed in the right order. If you hear a firm snap while attaching the cables or the panels, then it is a good sign that the assembly was nicely done.

Final Thoughts

If you accidentally damaged the screen of a very expensive phone and have no prior experience of fixing broken screens, then it is best to take it back to the manufacturer or a third-party store.

It is best to first try out your skills and the methods we mentioned above on unused phones. Once you have practiced enough, you will be able to fix all your phone’s and tablet’s broken screen with ease.

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