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What questions should you ask a private detective?

Whether you are thinking of hiring private investigators for a personal agenda or the need for appointing one is for corporate purposes, choosing the right professional is vital. Even for the most simple cases, employing an incompetent private detective will only waste your time, resources, and energy. Only a smart, experienced, and a professional who knows their way around the complexities of the legal world can guarantee a positive outcome.

If you want efficient results from a private investigation, you need to hire an expert who will value your time, cost, and trust. When one is reaching out for a private investigator, they are already quite hesitant. The stigma attached to this industry can be overwhelming for many. Therefore, at the time of appointment, people miss out on asking relevant questions and just want to get done with the job as soon as possible.

Consequently, such an approach will never lead to fruitful results. You have to be mindful of the fact that different jobs need distinct expertise. A private investigator who is excellent in tracing missing people, might not be as good in assisting child custody cases. Considering this, you must ask the right questions, at the right time to avoid future disappointments.

Below is a list of mandatory questions that can help you in making the tough call and hiring the ideal private investigator:


#1 What kind of background do they have along with some details of their experience?

One of the most important things that one needs to know about any professional is the kind of experience and background they have. In the case of a private investigator, it is one of the only crucial facts that can determine the success of your case. PIs get to polish their skills and learn their way around the system based on the number of years they spend on the field.

The saying, “the more, the merrier,” goes perfectly here, as the more experienced a private detective is, the better are your chances in succeeding. Moreover, the background they belong to also plays a great role in analysing their capability. Hiring a private detective who is well-versed in the matters of the law can be more expedient for your case.

#2 Are they up for meeting in-person?

If the detective you are hiring is in London, and you are in Melbourne, it makes sense that meeting in-person can be a hassle in terms of convenience, cost, and logistics. However, if a private detective shows unwillingness in meeting without a reasonable justification, take that as a red flag. A proficient private investigator will always make sure that the client feels understood and trusted. Otherwise, the quality of cooperation between the parties might suffer.

#3 Do they have an agreement form or a contract?

All the companies that deal with formal and private services must have some form of agreement or contract to ensure that both the parties understand the terms and conditions. If a private investigation company fails to provide you with one, it is not a good sign. With a written contract in your hand, you can easily add or omit conditions as per your needs. One thing that always leads to a successful investigation is when both the parties are clear about the way things will proceed and where they stand throughout the case. 

#4 What is their ICO number?

Every UK company owns an ICO number to function. The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) regulates the UK Data Protection. The regulations of this body demand that every organisation or sale trader, who deals with personal information has to pay a certain fee to the ICO, except those who are exempt. If you want to acquire how genuine the private investigation company you are hiring is, make sure that you ask this question. You can also ensure if they are registered by searching the online register of ICO.

Private investigators are professionals who deal with situations that need legal expertise. If you end up hiring an unfit detective, they can get you in trouble as well. Taking the right precautions beforehand is always better than regretting later. So, before you appoint one, make sure that you ask them the right questions.

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