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Tips For Heating Your House

The winter season can be quite exasperating if you are not fully prepared for it. With more lockdowns being initiated because of the COVID-19 wave, you might be spending a lot more time at home. Well, here share what you need to do to heat your house successfully this winter season.

1.         Use Warmer Bedding

When it gets too cold, you need to make sure that you are sleeping on warmer bedding. Having many and heavier layers of bedding will keep you warmer. Remove the sateen or percale sheets and use flannel sheets on your bed. Even better, you should add a warm blanket, duvet or comforter to increase the warmth on your bed.

If you are still feeling cold, you should consider buying an electric blanket. Make sure you place a plugged-in blanket at the top layer of your bed and not underneath other layers. Remember, placing other layers on top of your electric blanket can quickly turn into a fire hazard because it might overheat.

Do not use your electric blanket for your younger children since the controllers and wiring are a safety issue. If you are still cold, you should think about adding an electric mattress pad to warm up the bed from the sheets.

2.         Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans will help you reduce energy usage at any time of the year. During the hot summer months, the counterclockwise rotation of your ceiling fan creates a cooling breeze. During the cold winter months, you should reverse your ceiling fan to clockwise. You can do so by pressing the switch on the base of the fan.

As such, the fan’s blades should be able to pull warmer air from the ceiling and lower it into the rest of the room to make it warmer. During this time, you should also wipe the fan’s blades to remove any dust buildup. You should be able to slip a pillowcase on each blade and slide it to the end of the blade. The dust will remain inside the pillowcase instead of pouring out into your bedroom.

3.         Get A Space Heater

According to various sleep experts, 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature to enjoy a sound sleep. If your bedroom goes below that temperature, you should use a space heater to turn up the temperature without necessarily using the space heater. Make sure you place the space heater away from your bed to avoid burning your bedding and causing a fire hazard.

Also, make sure the heater’s cord is placed in a safe place. Don’t stretch it across your bedroom since you might trip on it when going to the bathroom or during an emergency. Buy a space heater with a safety feature to turn it off when it overheats. Don’t leave your space heater in your child’s room.

4.         Wear Socks And A Knit Hat

If your partner loves sleeping in a cool room but you are always shivering at night, you can find ways to keep yourself warm. Start by wearing thick socks before getting into bed. You will be able to have quality sleep when your feet are warm. You can also sleep in a knit cap to keep your head warm. You should be able to feel warm when you sleep and enjoy quality sleep effortlessly.

5.         Move Your Bed Away From The Window

Have you placed your bed right by the window? Well, you can enjoy a warmer room by moving your bed to the other side of the room and away from the windows. Note that, the glass cools down at night thereby cooling the air near the window. Therefore, you are likely going to feel colder if your bed is placed near the window. Also, you should keep your bed away from exterior walls featuring poor insulation.

6.         Have A Thick Area Rug

Hardwood floors such as laminate and wood are beneficial in many ways. However, they are quite disadvantageous during the cold months. When it becomes cold, you should place a thick area rug in your bedroom to insulate it properly. Even better, your feet will not land on a cold floor when you wake up in the morning. You can use a faux sheepskin rug to make the bedroom stylish and warm.

7.         Cover The Windows

The temperatures outside your house get inside through the glass on your windows. Therefore, you need to make sure that your bedroom window is insulated by using heavier window coverings during the winter period. Start by covering up the blinds and remove the lightweight sheers with heavy and lined drapes. Make sure they are in a cheery color to keep your room happy. If your windows bring in a lot of heat in the summer period, you should also prevent that by using insulated window coverings.

8.         Use A Hot Water Bottle Or Bed Heater

It might seem like an old-school way of heating up your home but it works. When you are going to bed, you should place a hot water bottle underneath the sheets and enjoy a warmer bed. Even better, you can use a bed heater to make sure that you are warm when you sleep at night. The bed heater will blow heat underneath your sheets and make sure your bed is heated in a few minutes. They might be expensive but you will end up saving a lot of money and energy compared to using your thermostat.

With these heating tips, you should have a warm bed to sleep in every winter!

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