New Year Resolution: Quit Smoking!

With a new year coming and an older one leaving us behind, we try to leave our bad habits as well and make a fresh start. As many may know that one of the hardest New Year Resolutions to keep is to ‘Quit Smoking!’. It might be hard, but it’s not impossible. A very small number of people succeed and that’s because they’re determined to quit smoking by the new year. If you think you’ve the same dedication and determination to ditch this bad habit of yours then read on to find out how you can Quit smoking, if that’s one of your new year resolutions.

Prepare for your new year resolution:

Resolutions fail to take pace because they’re not properly planned, organised or focused upon. A proper chart should be followed where day to day progress can be inserted. You need to know that the path won’t be easy and can be full of setbacks, you might end up smoking again in the new year but do not stop trying to quit. You should be prepared to start over again and redo all the work you’ve done in the past. If smoking is too hard for you to quit, you can try to reduce smoking instead. Studies show that a reduction in smoking can also help towards the goal of quitting it in the long run. Be prepared for the drawbacks as well, as smokers usually have to go through withdrawals after they quit. The symptoms may not be the same for everyone and can be severe or mild depending on the individual and how much they smoke.

Know your benefits:

It will be easier for you to quit when you know what advantages you get after quitting this instrument of death. No matter whatever pros of smoking you have in your mind you need to understand that the cons outweigh these pros. Even though these are not all of them but some bad sides of smoking are chances of getting cancer; having sexual dysfunctionality; breathlessness; migraines that occur time to time; effects on your skin, teeth and bones; loss of hair; having dry, chapped and discoloured lips; loss of stamina; heart diseases and most importantly losing a lot of money. When you note down the detrimental effects of smoking and all the gains you get after quitting, it will keep motivating you to keep trying and not losing your way. Every time you doubt your decision of quitting, you can just refer back to your list of cons.

Vape: Alternative.

Though, vape may not be harmless but it surely is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes. By vaping you can get nicotine while at the same time inhaling lesser toxins and reducing most of the bad effects of smoking. While vaping isn’t considered as the best tool for quitting but it does help. Also, you need to have it in mind that you’d have to quit vaping as well once you’re sure that you’ve quit cigarettes.

Consult a Doctor:

The best thing to do to help you quit smoking is to consult a doctor and get help from them. Your doctor can suggest some good tools that will help you quit including nicotine replacement therapies, medications that help kill the urge for nicotine. Your doctor will keep you motivated as well throughout the path to quit eventually.

Other tactics:

Oral stimulants like chewing gum can help kill the urge to light up a cigarette. Keep chewing gums in your pocket and pop one into your mouth whenever you feel like smoking. Some doctors suggest that brushing your teeth works as well. Exercising a lot is another good way to help yourself. It not only helps reduce toxins in your body but also keeps your weight in check, It will also greatly help you recover the stamina you had in your pre smoking days. Since you’d be saving a lot of money from not spending on cigarettes, you can choose to spend that on other healthier stuff as a reward for yourself. 

 Get help from close ones:

Lean on to your close friends and family members. Let them know you’re trying to quit and all the effort you’re doing. Your close ones would appreciate you and help you as much as possible so that you quit. Whenever you feel like lighting up a cigarette, a friend would always remind you and this will help you achieve your goals. You can also try going to a support group or a counsellor if you need a bit of backing up.

Stick with the Non Smokers:

Most of the people that smoke do it to socialise with their social friends. Smoking cigarettes with friends is considered a great method of bonding. Which isn’t true at all, if you want to bond with your friends there are a lot of good ways to do that. Smoking doesn’t need to be one. Also, if you feel like it is hard for you to quit due to peer pressure and if your friends are forcing you to smoke then it is better that you stick to your non smoker friends while outside. At least for the time period when you’re trying to quit.

After you quit:

When you know what happens after you quit smoking, it pushes you more to achieve that goal. Within an hour of the last cigarette you smoked, your blood pressure and heart rate would go back to normal. In 12 hours, your body will start to cleanse your body of all the toxins that cigarettes have been giving you. After a day, the risks of heart attack starts decreasing. After 2 days, your nerve endings start healing and you can smell and taste better again and on the third day your body’s nicotine level starts going down. In a year, your lungs have healed and the risk of coronary diseases has halved. In 10 years, the risks of getting cancer from smoking cigarettes has reduced significantly and lastly by 20 years, a person’s body has healed to the point as if he was never a smoker.

You need to keep reminding yourself of all the benefits you can get and how smoking is bad for you, with support from your friends and your strong determination you would be on your way to quit smoking cigarettes in no time. 

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