Cristina - Tony Ferguson’s Lifeline

Cristina – Tony Ferguson’s Lifeline

Cristina is the lifeline of super famous American mixed martial artist Tony Ferguson. Cristina was born and bred in Oxnard, California, United States. Her parents had to work hard at providing Cristina with a better life. She felt upset many times as a young girl due to not having everything she wanted. However, her father and mother did their level best to provide Cristina Servin with a better field. Her dream was to live like a princess. Hence, Cristina’s father was doing double jobs making all her dreams come true. It shows how much Cristina’s father worked in this brick-and-mortar world, where everything comes with a quality hard work only. 

Cristina love life started at a very young age. She met Tony Ferguson while perusing her high school classes. The lovely couple fell in love and aimed to live together until the very end. It presents how much both love each other. Cristina sees a gentleman in Tony. Hence, she takes care of her husband utterly well. It shows a light at the end of the tunnel in many different ways. Cristina married Tony Ferguson in 2012. At that time, he was looking to make her MMA career.

It pictures the fact that Cristina fell in love with Tony Ferguson when he had nothing. He was just aspiring to make a career as an MMA professional. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a great platform. However, it takes years for every superstar to make a huge name. If one keeps on losing fights, then his contract will see an unwanted end. Cristina loved Tony as she saw her good future with her. Even she did not know at that time that Tony will break every fighter for reaching the highest level as he was battling hard to drink the vessel of glory. 

Cristina Servin now has her perfect family. She takes care of her family very well, by putting a great effort. As a homemaker, Cristina does provide her kid everything he wants to have in his quality life. Cristina shows many examples of a perfect mother. The relationship of a son and his mother is at another level. With a shadow of a doubt, Cristina is a great example of it.

She had to battle hard for everything she wanted as a child. But that did not push me to not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Behind every successful woman, there will always be a woman. Indeed, the case is the same with Tony Ferguson. His persona does sound like a mad man. In real life, he acts like a normal person. Many of Tony Ferguson’s personal life shows do indicate the same.

He is a very calm person outside the MMA world. He uses his crazy weapon to sell tickets and all. It does work very as Tony attracts several pay-per-view buys for the UFC. This is the main reason behind his ultimate bond with UFC president Dana White, who has been leading the world of MMA since the early 2000s.

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