The One & Only, Perfect Electric Bike

The One & Only, Perfect Electric Bike

In January CES2020, the Smacircle S1 was embraced by the hospitality of more than 60 globally known media. As described by the media: the lightest, the finest, and the best.

3-Year R&D, 108 unique patented components composites the perfection

As the co-founder and CEO, Mr. Woo stated, it took us 3 painful years to finally have the Smacircle S1 project finished. Because we want it to be unique and perfect. It is meant to be the lightest foldable & portable electric bike ever with a unique stylish look.

“ All the 108 components are legit ‘unique’ and perfectly assembled into a beautiful masterpiece. Because every component has its own patented mold.”Check the detail here:

This ebike, Smacircle S1 is indeed the lightest electric bicycle I’ve ever seen. It can be folded into a comma-shaped gadget and be put into bags. Not like another folding bike, Smacircle S1 remains to be of great design and aesthetic property even after being folded(not like some other brand, whose bike looks like shit after being folded).

It is a pricey e-bike, but considering the huge amount of R&D expenditure, it’s very reasonable, as we all know that the molding fee is quite expensive, not to mention 108 molded components, which will probably count up to at least 7-digit USD cost.

Smacircle S1 Electric Bike- folded

Unfold The Lightness

The frame of Smacircle S1 is made of the high-tech material carbon fiber, which usually is used in aircraft and rocket for its hardness and lightness. Carbon fiber now is commonly applied in high-end bike frames, because it is as hard as steel yet only one-quarter of the weight. No need to mention, the excellent heat-proof and scratch-proof characteristics.

Smacircle S1, the ebike can be carried in a small bag

A Head-turner with Classic but Unique Style, A Ergonomicly Compy & Safe Design

As shown in the picture below, the unicycle in the middle of the picture, it is neither stable nor balanced. When compact comes, it comes to your body directly. No need to remind you how much skill it needs to ride it safely.

Not like the special-shaped bike on the right, it’s almost like a wheelchair with a less stable combination of wheels and less comfortable chair. Indeed it will turn heads, but as same as the unicycle, the compact in driving will first go to the riders’ physical body, rather than the bike. Can you imagine how scary it is to ride it down a slope for normal riders?

with the prototype of classic bike shape, when you ride the Smacircle S1, you’re inside of the frame, when impact comes, the bike as it’s so much harder and firmer than the human body will take the compact first and protect you well.

The One & Only, Perfect Electric Bike

Smacircle S1 ebike is with unique style but still with great Safety

Yet with the lower height of the bike, when you’re riding it, you’ll find yourself in the best defensive position. That’s why you’re less likely to get hurt in accidents on Smacircle S1 than other higher bikes. Maybe some would worry it would be constrained if a tall or heavyset rider gets on it. Well actually the seat is rather bigger than other bikes, with the adjustable height of the handlebar and seat, no pedals at all, and a secure carbon fiber frame, people within 200 bounds can ride it freely in the cities.

Riding Smacircle S1 folding electric bicycle in the city

I always find some random bikes on YouTube, and those bikes look like bikes, yet they dare to call themself a head-turner. Hey Babymaker, Why do people turn heads when they see a person riding a bike like a bike?

Smacircle S1 is indeed a head-turner, with its unique glasses-shape look, with its originality of design, with every unique mode of its 108 parts. The design of Smacircle S1 is a perfect balance of classic and innovative.

As the Co-founder Mr. Woo said, smacircle is the combination of smart, small, and circle. The Electric transportation vehicle goes with an app-control. You can explore more functions with the Smacircle app.

The Co-founder & CEO of smacircle, we takes pride in our products

Last but not least, if you want to bring the bike on the airplane with you, you can order a customized airplane version of a spare battery. The battery won’t noticeably heat up when riding, it’s just of the normal temperature of your butts. 🙂

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