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Jean Fallacara : When Neuroscience is revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

If we are honest, little has changed in the fitness industry for too long. We’ve seen variations on training programs, technology that has improved some training tools such as bikes and treadmills, but at the core of every fitness program is the same ideas. Whether a pro-athlete or someone looking to stay in shape for the weekend, the focus has always been on a singular aspect, the physical body.

But now, thanks to Jean Fallacara, that is changing. The leading industry influencer and innovator has used his extensive scientific background, Jean Fallacara is the CEO of multi-million-dollar biomedical business Z-SC1 CORP, to develop a new approach to training and fitness that will revolutionize not just how we approach fitness, but the results we can all achieve.

With his new business, Cyborggainz, Jean Fallacara brings together the principles of Neuroscience with the proven approach to training, Calisthenics, to create what he calls the world’s first human optimization program. Neuroscience is the study of the brain and its connections to the body, the nervous system itself, and how they interact and are interdependent with other parts of the body. This approach, that works the brain and nervous system as well as the body, promotes complete health for the body and mind, which in turn improves overall performance.

Why does this make a difference? Think about how the body works. When an athlete moves, when you turn the pedals on a bike, when you run down the road, every motion involves not just the muscles, tendons and bones, but the brain signals that spark that movement. By focusing on just the body, traditional training is missing out on part of the process, and this is where combining neuroscience with physical training comes in.

This approach hones not just the muscles and stamina from the Calisthenics program, but the nervous system and brain that drive those movements. With every aspect of the body and mind working at peak efficiency, performance improves beyond anything just either physical or mental improvement could achieve on their own.

With a book and a range of training programs available, including bespoke solutions for athletes looking to take that next step forward in performance, Jean Fallacara and his Cyborggainz system really is revolutionizing fitness across the world. A genuinely new approach based on data science and deep analysis with proven results that deliver exceptional outcomes, Neuroscience is the key to unlocking your body’s full potential, and Fallacara brings it all together in an understandable, easy to implement program that will change the way you approach fitness.

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