Hotel art: Significance of Display of Art in Luxury Hotels

The installation of art paintings in hotels provides a distinctive feel to the ambience. It not only draws attention to the hotel’s aesthetic value but also stimulates the artistic nerve of the visitor. Artwork in hotels uphold the identity that the hotelier likes to associate with their brand. It can also be an integral component or representation of the place that the hotel is situated in.

Art embodies the social culture as well as serves as an individualistic expression for the viewer. In terms of communication, art is a portal towards healing and other psychological catharsis. It raises curiosity, interest and mindfulness. And thus, the artwork in a hotel serves as a catalyst to attracting guests.

One would notice how luxury hotel rooms that have famous artworks framed on walls are more expensive. It is an example of how paintings, sculptures or any sort of artwork is utilised by hoteliers for their marketing strategies. The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland has a few pieces by the renowned surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, and other magnificent works by the likes of Henry Moore, Damien Herst and Camille Pissarro. Painting displayed in places like the lobby or the dining hall so that anyone stepping inside can see what the hotel stands for, thereby increasing the brand reputation.

The budget towards artwork is limited. However, introducing new creative pieces or altering the original ones is a cost-effective way to improvise the outlook of the hotel or the resort. Initiating structural changes requires time and financial investment, but with correct and calculated installation of artwork, hoteliers can expand a room or renovate their lobby.  The luxury hotel of El Fenn Marrakech was reborn under the co-ownership of Vanessa Branson. The architecture of the hotel is medieval, and thus, Branson masterfully blended contemporary art with the ancient foundation.

Curating the contemporary art pieces is done by the hotel owners themselves. Today, wall paintings of various kinds by new and rising contemporary artists can be purchased online. There are art advisors to guide you through this online purchasing process. There are other luxury hotels that collaborate with museums and art galleries to bring exemplary artworks to their interior display. They make sure that the artwork reflects their brand value and the creativity that they want to put out whilst being at par with the current trends. On the other hand, this also opens a gateway for artists to showcase their talents and skills.

How art improves interior design of Hotels:

One should consider the artistic aspects of how to present an artwork or a creative piece, and the subsequent effects of it.

  1. Initiation of movement

The presence of an artwork that complements the interior style of a room helps to enhance the viewer’s perception. The artist creates a rhythm between the artwork and the furniture, and thus contrives a story. This technique directs the viewer’s eyes to the originality of the room.

  • Providing colour

A modern art paintings with a complementing colour palette helps to accentuate the overall feel of the room. When the highlights of decorative pieces match with the palette of the artwork, it moulds the outlook.

  • Balance in Scale and Texture

A wall painting correctly placed ensures the balance in the scale of the interior decor while the texture of the artwork creates a dynamic appeal. The pattern, design and colours captivate the eye as the decor of the room blends with the piece of art displayed on the wall.

  • The appeal of a rotating gallery

Altering the piece of artwork can help bring a new perspective to the room. A different artwork adds freshness to the space and stirs a change of feel. When visitors return for another stay and come across a different piece, they remain intrigued by the hotel’s brand. One may modify depending on occasions, seasons, business purposes or artistic moods.

  • Contrast

A well-chosen contemporary art influences sophistication or vibrancy in a room. For example, a bold palette helps to accentuate the somber atmosphere of a subtle decor through contrast.

  • The statement of identity

The artwork often exhibits the philosophy or personality that the owner of the room is imbibed with. Thus, hotels carefully choose their pieces so that they adhere to the unique brand that the business wants to represent. Be it a proud display of bright colours or a soothing tone of calm and cosy, the piece of art that you choose can help to make a statement.

Modern Luxury Hotels and their Personified Art Galleries

Many hotels and resorts today incorporate a gorgeous collection of art so as to attract tourists. People expect to come across the hotel as if it has imbibed in itself a sort of character. To address this sentiment, there needs to be amalgamation of more artworks accordingly. The luxury hotels which boast of such splendid collections of art that breathe life into the rooms and the halls have begun to function like art-galleries. Some offer guided tours by in-house guides and art commentators for the tourists.

The architecture of ITC Maurya is inspired from that of the Mauryan dynasty, which is also reflected in the art it is adorned with. There is AR Ramachandran’s bronze and zinc sculpture titled ‘Ashoka after Kalinga’. Tyeb Mehta’s painting titled Bull in the Mountain Landscape incorporates Mauryan motifs of art. In the lobby, there is Krishen Khanna’s ‘The Great Procession’, hand-painted back in the 1980s.  It is a mural that adorns the ceiling designed in the rock-cut style of a Budhhist cave.

The rich history of India has blessed the country with grand architectural heritage. Incorporating artworks into such hotel buildings of ancient architecture is a feast for the senses. The Taj Falaknuma Palace at Hyderabad is one such example. It has a library that is a replica of the Windsor Castle, U.K., along with carved furniture, frescoed ceilings and Venetian chandeliers. If one is interested, the resort offers a tour aided by the palace historian who is responsible to enthrall with history and legends of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Hotels which are of smaller business can also array pieces of contemporary artworks by local artists to represent the culture and history of the place. Tourists are always interested in hotels that are visually pleasing and express the character of the location with unprecedented finesse. Who better to present such an atmosphere other than the native artists?

Attracting Tourists Through Creative Inspiration:

Artworks in luxury hotels are not mere means of ornamentation. It is especially aimed to enrich the stay of the tourists and make their experience memorable. The hotels cooperate with museum curators and art communities to design a valuable concept that leaves a remarkable impression on the visitor’s mind. On top of that, every luxury hotel which has endeavoured to collect exquisite art pieces keeps in mind the competition. Their goal is to be far apart in style and unique in identity.

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