Effective Work from Home Tips for Successful Remote Employees

Effective Work from Home Tips for Successful Remote Employees

COVID-19 has overwhelmed the global infrastructure, and the brunt of this unprecedented health crisis has been felt across every single industry and sector across the globe. HR managers are overburdened with the challenging task of managing remote employees as the work-from-home model has emerged as the new reality.

Employees and managers are finding it increasingly challenging to adapt to telework, and businesses are focused on identifying new strategies to streamline and effectively manage their workforce. In such a scenario, managers are reliant on various digital tools and strategies to maintain productivity, efficiency and engagement. The transition towards remote working and communication has eliminate the integral element of personal context and interaction.

However, there are various tips and strategies to make the remote work model successful and efficient.

Here, take a look:

Setting Boundaries & Expectations

It is crucial to set out expectations and boundaries before introducing new projects to eliminate all ambiguities. Setting priorities and performance goals is crucial to allow your employees to measure their progress and maintain efficiency. Each new project gives birth to numerous questions and as a manager, it is crucial to offer clarity.

Setting priorities and milestones will help you achieve effective deadlines and ensure that your employees are capable of meeting these deadlines. It is crucial to be accessible so you can avoid time delays and last-minute upheavals by offering clarifications instantly. All team members must be informed of video calls and meetings prior so they can ensure their availability.

Jeff Parke Founder at Top Fitness Mag says “It is essential to create a healthy work-life balance so your employees are not overburdened. Many organizations have begun penetrating the after-work hours of their employees as telework has somewhat blurred timings and schedules. It is important to help your employees avoid burnouts so they can give their best at work each day”

Flexible Organization

Flexibility is key when it comes to effectively managing and working with a remote team. You need a solid game plan to steer your team in the direction of meeting deadlines efficiently. While diligence and dedication to deadlines is crucial, flexibility is much more significant to ensure motivation levels and productivity.

Sean Chaudhary Lead Alchemist at Alchemy Leads says “If your employees are available at night hours, be flexible enough to allow such transitions. As long as they are meeting their deadlines, allow them to create their own schedule. It is important to note that paradigms and strategies that are effective in the office may not work in the telework model. It is crucial to cut down lengthy meetings and focus on team resourcing, and action-focused planning.”

Tracking Progress

While some managers believe in setting deadlines, others allow their employees to create their own work schedule. The more crucial aspect is to ensure that deadlines are duty met and tasks are accomplished within the required time.

There are numerous remote-work tools and platforms that allow you to set timers and track progress effectively. Such software and tools will help you enjoy peace of mind, and create a structure that your team can follow efficiently.

Prioritize Communication

It is crucial to lay strong emphasis on communication to ensure the success of the telework model. Managers must focus on maintaining effective and regular communication to apprise their team members of deadlines and offer them available resources. Resolving work-related challenges can prove increasingly tough, but managers can overcome this challenge by maintaining efficient communication.

Donny Gamble Jr. Founder at Retirement Investments says “Alongside team meetings and short huddles, consider conducting one-on-one communication with each team member just to check up on their wellbeing and progress. Each organization has a distinctive communicational culture, which requires various tools. As a manager, it is your job to find the right tool, which could be video chats, phone calls, emails, texts or others”

Just, be sure to avoid overburdening and annoying your employees with endlessly long video calls, texts and emails. On the other hand, maintaining radio silence will also work against your ultimate productivity goals. The secret is to find that delicate balance between flooding your employees with communication and disappearing entirely.

Successful and inspiring managers are strong communicators, excellent listeners and leaders who command respect with their ability to relate and empathize. It is crucial to inquire your employees about their challenges, and avoid micromanaging and over-communicating.

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