Mrwalkinlick, an Emerging Artist who charms listeners with his Rap skills


Mrwalkinlick is also known through his stage names King, K.I.He belongs to An Africa American man. Mrwalkinlik is a Successful Artist and an African American Rapper. He was born in Miami, Florida. He spent his childhood there and grew up. Before he moved towards his mother in North Miami, he attended different schools. His father is a respected and well-known man in Africa. His father is buried in the Odeitsekiri AKA big Warri that is the city of Southern Nigeria.

He gains popularity after his first song was the rap song in 2006 that was the remix of Hustin. He gains success only a few years as he has a unique and interesting style that attracts the people and increase its following list. He is an all-rounded man that has his own style of life.

He became viral on social media after his song Splashing on Purpose. He entertains and inspires other people through his rap skills. He knows and everything about hip hop music’s that makes him more successful in life. THE popularity of his song is not only in Africa but also all over the world. All the success and popularity that he gains in the music industry is only due to his excellent rapping and good musical skills. He is not only a good rapper but also a famous artist too. He is the CEO of stack money organization. His is popular among the people for the last 14 years but his popularity goes to peak in 2019 after the release of its song splashing on purpose that goes viral on the internet and makes him more successful as he came into the limelight.

All the credits of his success go to his excellent rapping in doubt he also earns his name in other fields and works but the credit of its success only the rapping talent that brings him to the peak of success.

What separates him from other rappers:-

He is different and unique from other rappers because he has his style that makes him popular among people. Mrwalkinlick does not follow the other rappers he just goes with his own unique style that peoples love a lot. His rapping style is unique and deep-rooted which makes his song more interesting and amazing.

Splashing on purpose:-

He started his career in 2006 but he gains huge success in 2019 that is called limelight for him after the release of the song Splashing on purpose. This song goes viral on the internet and rules the heart of people due to its composition and rapping style that makes it more popular. He devoted all his life to music since 2006 when he was studying at Miami High school. At this young age, he introduced his first song that was Rick Ross’s song hustling.

After this first song, he became popular among students that make him more confident and he started his career in music from there. This first song is the building block of his career as his friends, parents, and students support him.

Shortly he will gain more success in the music industry as he has released a new song Dream. During working on this song he also managed with other 8 track albums. He is a great inspiration and motivation for other rappers so how they can attain success in their life through their own style and uniqueness. All the success s that he gained through the music industry is only due to his effort and hard work.



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