‘Wonder Woman 1984’ And Happily Not Being Part Of The Conversation

Sometimes it’s nice not to engage. As we start a new year, that may be a good lesson to take to heart. I have this on my mind because of Wonder Woman 1984. I’ve seen Wonder Woman, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t like it as much as other people did, mostly because I thought the fact that the villain was Ares, the literal god of war, was so dumb. I was relieved to find out that others, even people who liked it, thought that was dumb. I guess they just didn’t care as much. When I saw the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 I was intrigued. The whole time capsule aspect of it was up my alley, so I had it pegged as a movie to see.

When it was announced that Wonder Woman 1984 was going to release onto HBO Max, that theoretically made the decision even easier. I didn’t have to spend extra money to see it or wait for it to show up on streaming while trying to avoid spoilers. Then, I started to see the reviews. They were bad. I wasn’t able to catch it on Christmas, and I started to see the tweets excoriating it. By the way, Twitter really had no chill when it came to Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers. Not everybody could watch the movie on Christmas, everybody. Maybe cool it next time? Now, I was not aware of the overarching Wonder Woman 1984 discourse that was really getting negative on the film, but in my limited Twitter worldview people who are sensible online were saying that it sucked.

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My first thought was, “Man, this isn’t going to be fun to watch.” Then, it dawned on me. I didn’t have to watch Wonder Woman 1984. I had skipped several other DC movies because they were supposed to be bad. There is no overarching story here like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If there had been, and if I were invested, maybe I would have bitten the bullet. However, I did not have to watch Wonder Woman 1984. It was not important. It was not necessary. I’ve listened to podcasts about the movie, and it seems like I made the right decision. I love pop culture. I love movies. I don’t have to see them all. I don’t have to be part of the discourse. That’s nice to remember, especially when movies like Wonder Woman 1984 are now at our fingertips.

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