Ujwal Sharma The Most Dynamic Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer in The World

Ujwal Sharma The Most Dynamic Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer in The World

Nowadays, everyone needs to draw and maintain the right and target client and even acquire more consumers by word of mouth or rather comment driven ads by cultivating the confidence factor. This has been made possible by digital marketing which has actually benefited each and every business field and industry. There is a wide opportunity for the digital marketing industry and many have helped to gain success.

Recently, many companies have migrated online due to COVID-19, and many small and medium-sized businesses and company owners require adequate assistance and consulting for the same.

With the aid of Digital Marketing, Ujwal Sharma, an Indian entrepreneur and digital marketing geek, has supported various small and medium-sized business owners in India to expand their business. Ujwal Sharma is one of the top-rated Asian experts in digital marketing.

As a social media Influencer who is followed by more than 1,00,000 people on Instagram, Ujwal Sharma is very famous. He has collaborated with actors from Bollywood, Tollywood, Indian Cricketers, and Top European and Asian Companies. His working experience with top-level firms outside India has given him more fame and renown.

He is the founder of a leading Asian digital marketing firm, “Uzi World Digital“. At the age of 15, Ujwal Sharma started with Digital Marketing, firstly he took basic knowledge from Google Digital Unlocked qualification on Digital Marketing and then and there he founded his own Digital Marketing Company, he was completely committed to his work and efforts, but he gained little spark on the market and began dealing with foreign customers.

From India, South Africa, Singapore, The United States, Canada, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Argentina, The United Arab Emirates and many more countries, he has represented his clients. Today, he is among Asia’s most valuable and most demanding digital marketers. Ujwal is a certified digital marketer with more than 25+ Digital Marketing Qualifications and Certification.

He has also served as the PR Partner of many big Musical Artists, Cricketers, Footballers and Other Celebrities in the world, he has helped many UK and US based Start-ups to get media coverage and placements on top tier Publications. Ujwal Sharma has helped many of the world’s largest international corporation’s increase their website traffic and helped them grow their online brand identity.

Ujwal Sharma is best known for his work in digital marketing and is highly influential in India’s list of top digital marketers. Ujwal has his own News and Media Company – “Classicpreneur.com“. Ujwal’s Company, Uzi World Digital is the Winner of India Digital Enabler Awards 2020 for Best use of Social Media, which was organised by Entrepreneur Magazine India.

He has also launched his own YouTube channel, where he uploads free content  related to Digital Marketing and Making money online. Ujwal Sharma’s YouTube Channel Crossed 1,000 subscribers in 15 minutes of its announcement. He is now working on his own Premium E-book and will soon announce its launch. Ujwal is in his high school and giving his equal time on his studies and work. He has spent his Nine years in a boarding school, Ujwal Sharma says – “Spending nine years in a boarding school wasn’t a good experience at all, but yes I’ve learnt how to tackle the toughest time in your life and fight back”.

Ujwal’s High school teacher Mr. Arghya Dutta says – “Ujwal Sharma has made us proud every time, I have always encouraged and supported his work. He has achieved success in a small age. He is truly a live example that age doesn’t matter to achieve success”.

Ujwal Sharma is also a  Digital Marketing coach and has mentored over 800+ students around the world, he is only 18 years old himself, now you might realise how talented Ujwal Sharma is!

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