Interview: Shurland Ayers

Hi Shurland Ayers! How are you?

こんにちは (Hello), I am doing fantastic, making the best out of this COVID-19 pandemic and utilizing the time efficiently.

When/How did you start/get into making music?

I got into composing music after being inspired by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (The Neptunes). Their sound designing and songwriting are second to none. Through them, I commenced playing the piano and that was my gateway in terms of implementing musical ideas. 

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

I am inspired by touching people with subjects that they can relate to. Living in Tokyo, Japan is additionally an inspiration as well, the culture is affluent here, and would love to share it with the world via visuals and sound. 

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about? 

The hardest subject to write about was PTSD, a fellow Marine was diagnosed with it and he later committed suicide, it’s something I want to build more awareness on. 

What is the greatest achievement you’ve ever accomplished? 

Performing on TV at the Fox Backstage Pass 300th episode was the biggest platform I performed on, however, in terms of personal achievement, it was being able to produce, write, sing, mix and master my tunes to self-satisfaction in which gave me more control over my sound. 

Are you planning on releasing new music soon? 

I will release music every month this year alongside EPs in both English and Japanese. The first single I will release is “Stuck In Ya Ways” on January 25th. 

What is next for you? 

Consistently releasing music, starting a multi-disciplined collective in which will house various artists and give them a chance to share their message with the world. 

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