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Inherent to the world of finance is a state of intense competition. The rigors of a free-market economy dictate that only the fiercest and most efficient survive. For large companies and individual investors, rising to the top of the finance industry means capitalizing on all the advantages one has at their disposal. For industry veterans, this would usually entail deep pockets of financial reserves, a well-established network, and the knowledge and experience accumulated from years of finance. For newcomers, however, the options are seldom as varied.

Although beginner investors are disadvantaged by this disparity, it does not necessarily mean that they have no chance of succeeding in the highly-competitive, high-stakes world of trading and investment. Amidst the economic turmoil brought about by the pandemic, success stories of new investors, “beating the market” have become almost a form of modern mythos. In these stories, there exist some common themes that offer an idea on how a beginner can survive and thrive in an industry full of more experienced, more established veterans.

As with the road to success for industry veterans, beginners similarly require serious tenacity and perseverance, as well as a resilient ‘can-do’ mindset. What is new but prevalent to the successful investors of today, however, is how they use their natural aptitude and affinity for new innovations and technologies in order to succeed. Depending on the example of the exact entrepreneur, this could mean entering a relatively new market like cryptocurrency, utilizing any of the countless emerging forms of financial technology, or rapidly learning about the art of finance through the avenues available with today’s technology. Oftentimes, it takes a combination of the above to succeed, gaining a sound understanding of the market and the industry as a whole being the most significant.

Stock Sharks is a Canada-based company that offers community-building, education, and research and analysis services for the finance industry. With its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the company offers subscription-based platforms for both business individuals and large financial groups, giving them access to the company’s expert-level research, a global community of new and experienced traders, and proprietary state-of-the-art software for financial education.

Stock Sharks was established by Sheraz Ali and JR Alexander based on two primary tenets. The first, a focus on financial recommendations based on scientific research and analysis, was made based on Sheraz’s experiences with contemporary financial advisors. Sheraz realized that even at the highest level, financial decisions are often made with little backing of objective scientific data. With the help of a partner in JR, they realized that the consultancy and financial management services commonly offered, even by high-level managers, remain highly inefficient. They realized that a more scientific approach would result in a much lower risk with much greater potential reward.

The second is Stock Sharks’ focus on its community, which distinguishes the company from the rest of its competitors. Being aware of the pains and difficulties of the industry, the Sharks’ team ensures that a member of the company is always available for one-on-one conversations with its numerous clients. In addition to this, the company continually organizes meet-ups all over the world between the team and its members.  This care for their community also means that Stock Sharks’ clients often willingly advertise and refer their services to others in the industry.

Because of these guiding principles, combined with the influx of new traders caused by the pandemic and the company’s successful prediction of the Overstock.com surge two years in advance, the company has grown rapidly. With a private valuation of $4 million after just three years in the industry, Stocks Sharks continues to enjoy a booming growth rate of 65% per year and a membership that doubled in 2020 alone. Growth is there not only for the company, but also the community it fosters. Stock Sharks’ clients have recently enjoyed a custom chat interface and tweaks to incorporate artificial intelligence into the company’s financial education software and platforms. For the future, the company promises continued development, with a unique, AI-based EdTech software that they believe will shake the finance industry currently in the works.

You can learn more about the company and its platform, services, and community through their website. You may also follow them on their Instagram, @stocksharks.

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