Better Late Than Never: Sincere Engineer’s ‘Rhombithian’

It’s time for another of my “Better late than never” missives from the world of music. Spotify was doing its thing, which is to say throwing some music recommendations at me. This includes recommending a rapper named Bully to me because I listen to the indie rock act Bully. However, I saw a song name that stuck out to me: “Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7.” That definitely drew my attention, so I gave a listen to the band Sincere Engineer. I was immediately taken by it, and found a new band to listen to.

The band, to the extent they are a band, did release a single in 2020 called “Trust Me.” It’s quite good. I say to the extent they are a band because Spotify tells me that Sincere Engineer is the name that a Chicago artist named Deanna Belos records under. However, the image for the band on Spotify features four members, and she does seem to always have backing musicians. Maybe it’s a band with rotating members? Then again, they only have one full-length release, so how much rotating can there be behind Belos?

That’s the focal point of this “Better late than never” recommendation, because one single from 2020 doesn’t quite cut it. In 2017 Sincere Engineer released the album Rhombithian, their only full release to date. It’s a really good album, including but not limited to “Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7.” The album has excellent punk rock energy, and I like Belos’ vocal stylings a lot. There’s a gritty, raspy quality to it that provides emotion to everything she sings. There’s a person nature to a lot of the lyrics, to the degree I believe she did eat a couple corn dogs in a state of emotional duress.

If you are into indie rock-influenced punk I would definitely recommend giving Sincere Engineer a shot. It’s been a few years since they released their one full-length album, but it will likely be one of the best things you listen to in 2021.

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