SINGLE REVIEW: Super Cool by AV Super Sunshine

Cool is a concept that has a plentitude of interpretations. So the idea of being SUPER cool, is one that is likely to incite even less decorum. On AV Super Sunshine’s new single, he does a deep dive into exactly what personifies cool. Actually, AV already seems rather self-assured in regards to his own cool factor. In fact, by his own description, this is the meaning behind, “Super Cool.”


Upon doing some research on AV, I was slightly jarred to see not only how prolific he was, but how expansive his social media presence is. It’s somewhat unclear if AV Super Sunshine is a band, a solo artist, or both; but it seems to be the brainchild of one man. AV is described as Art Pop, and it does have something of a Warholian flavor. Art Pop is an intriguing blueprint, and as we travel further into the age of Aquarius, the concept could be destined to take on more of a mainstream presence. AV Super Sunshine seems poised to be a part of that caravan. 

“Super Cool” opens with a Daft Punk inspired synthesizer, and is followed by an electronic drum beat. AV’s Vocal is even keeled, and well,cool. It seems as though it would be impossible for him to perform the Song, without sporting a pair of designer sunglasses. “Super Cool” sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place in the late 90’s, however, it has more of a millennial domain, overall. AV does a fine job of illustrating the scenario, through texture, ambience, and in some ways, repetition. 

There is a slight Britpop feel to the single, in the vein of say, Pulp or Supergrass. It wouldn’t seem out of place on the soundtrack to Clueless. According to AV Sunshine, the Song is an autobiographical snapshot of a personal experience with rejection, and his subsequent response. He’s the cool kid in the back of the classroom, whose forced disassociation, has somehow positively enhanced his image. To hear AV describe it, he has essentially turned a positive into a negative.

It would be a misnomer to describe AV Super Sunshine as transparent, but enigmatic wouldn’t be entirely accurate, either. He is somewhere in between, tangible and mysterious. “Super Cool” might seem like a fun, novel song, but the issues it raises as it relates to social hierarchies, gives it gravitas. The word “cool” in and of itself, might be considered passe in modern day slang. But the concept hasn’t changed, and it’s primarily rooted in acceptance. 


We all want to be accepted for who we are, and how we present ourselves. It’s when we feel that we have failed in achieving that, that the trouble begins. We begin to become a replica of something, or someone else. AV Super Sunshine might just be something of a genius savant, as he has expressed the ability to own his individuality, rather than conform. He has used his creativity as a means of positive reinforcement, and that is super cool. 

by Mark Ryan

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