Four Instances Where You Absolutely Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or any of your loved ones been recently injured? If so, was anyone else responsible for that injury? Accidents and injuries can have far-reaching impacts on one’s physical, mental, and financial health. The stress and trauma can be higher when you realize that it was due to some other person’s negligence or irresponsibility.

In general understanding, people usually think that only motor accidents come under the purview of personal injury. But that is not true. Personal injury is a much broader subject that includes several different kinds of injuries and accidents.

To help you understand when you must opt for a personal injury attorney Los Angeles, here are some of the most common situations:

Medical Malpractice

One of the leading causes of death in the U.S after heart diseases and cancer is medical malpractice. In legal terms, medical malpractice is understood as situations where patients do not receive the recognized standard of care from health care workers. If this negligence or aberration has caused the patient injury, then they can claim compensation.

In the case of death from such malpractice, the surviving family members can file the case on behalf of the deceased.

Slip and Fall Injury

Another common situation that calls for the need of a personal injury attorney is slip and fall cases. If you have sustained injuries from a slip and fall in some other person’s or public property, then you can claim compensation. In slip and fall cases, it is essential to determine if the condition of the surface you slipped on was dangerous.

For instance, if there was an oil spill or potholes and no warning signs, then you can easily prove your claim. Otherwise, experienced lawyers who have handled such cases before can also help you in gathering the necessary pieces of evidence.

Product Defect

Did you know that if you have been harmed or injured by the use of a defective product, then also you can claim personal injury! If products have the potential of causing any kind of harm, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to provide the necessary warning. If the warning is not there, it points out that the manufacturer has not adequately tested the product before launch. The qualified personal injury lawyers who specialize in product liability can guide you in filing for compensation in such cases.

Dog Attack

Attacks from violent dogs can leave a lasting scar on you physically and mentally. If you are not sure if the dog has been vaccinated, you will need to spend a high amount of money on your medical bills as well. Sometimes children who suffer dog attacks can even suffer permanent disfigurement. That is why; there are provisions under the personal injury law that say you can get compensated in such cases.

The owner of the dog will then be liable to pay you for the medical bills and all other associated costs.

The first step towards empowerment is becoming aware of your rights. Now that you know the situations, you will know exactly when to exercise your rights.

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