Natural Products You Can Use to Help Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be exhausting and debilitating. Whether you live with back pain, neck pain, migraines, or even chronic sleep or emotional challenges, you are likely seeking ways to improve your livelihood and lessen the impact of this pain. Treatments can oftentimes be invasive, but they don’t have to be. There are a number of natural products that are effective at relieving symptoms, are low-impact, and can be used at home.

Dietary Supplements

There are numerous dietary supplements that aid in pain relief. Magnesium and Vitamin D are two widely-used vitamins to incorporate into your diet that will help relieve achy muscles and persistent pain.

However, if you are looking for a more specific natural supplement, conduct some research or consult a specialist to find one that targets your exact needs. For example, if you live with neuropathy, a nerve condition that causes pain and unusual sensations in the nerves, you might try Nerve Control 911. A powerful supplement that uses all-natural ingredients, Nerve Control 911 offers superior benefits to the central nervous system. By targeting the root of your nerve problems, Nerve Control 911 improves control of your body’s muscles, sends nerve signals to your body’s organs and muscles, transmits information between the central nervous system and the rest of the body, and reduces inflammation. If you’ve been dealing with tingling, burning, or numbness in your hands and feet or other side effects of neuropathy, this might be the perfect relief for you.

CBD Products

Topical creams and serums rich in natural pain relievers are great options to manage chronic pain. CBD-infused products are an increasingly popular way to relieve discomfort from ailments. An extract from the hemp plant, CBD, or Cannabidiol, has the potential to reduce swelling and ease muscular discomfort due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system. With only trace amounts of THC, CBD oil offers all the potential medicinal benefits of the hemp plant without the psychoactive side effects.

For a low-impact treatment, explore topical CBD products, such as creams and salves, that you can apply to the parts of your body where you are experiencing pain. This alternative treatment is gaining traction among notable individuals like Nicole Kidman, who firsthand experienced the wellness potential of CBD topical products when treating an ankle injury. Google the phrase “Nicole Kidman CBD” to learn more about the potential benefits of topical CBD usage with SeraLab’s hydrating, topical pain relief creams and invest in your own path to wellness.

Essential Oils


Many plants have medicinal properties and can be useful in healing and wellness routines. Concentrated extracts from plants come in the form of essential oils, which offer soothing relief to consistent chronic pain. Some are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, making them helpful in easing sore muscles and swelling. Eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary essential oils all help manage pain and reduce inflammation. Sandalwood and cypress oils are reduce swelling and ease muscle tension. If you’re seeking only pain relief, you may try out ginger, black pepper, or clove oils. Mix any of these oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut, olive, or argan oil, and apply the blend to the part of your body where you are experiencing discomfort.

Antioxidant-rich foods


Some foods are rich in antioxidants, which can be helpful in reducing inflammation and managing pain. Incorporate dark berries such as blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and raspberries into your diet, which all have pain-relieving qualities. Spices and herbs can also be powerful remedies, such as turmeric, which is a yellow spice found in a lot of Indian cooking. Turmeric is rich in curcumin, which is an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical molecules that can damage cells and tissue. This spice is also effective at reducing inflammation, making it an effective natural pain killer. Cloves are another powerful spice that can help relieve headaches and reduce arthritic inflammation. Add ground cloves into pies, cookies, or cakes or add turmeric into soups, tea, or curries to enrich your diet while investing in your wellness.

Heat and Ice

Sometimes the best solution is also the simplest one. Apply heat or ice to your sore or injured muscles to reduce inflammation and bring you relief. An ice or cold pack can temporarily relieve a headache and reduce swelling. After the inflammation has disappeared, apply a hot pack to reduce stiffness from a sprain or injury. Heat is particularly helpful at reducing symptoms of arthritis. Sit back and rest while a cool or hot compress does the work.

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