How To Plan An Employee Appreciation Day According To HR Experts

How do you celebrate employee appreciation day? Giving gift cards, awards, or hosting a lunch is not enough to appreciate your employees’ year-round efforts. If you want your employees to feel valued and respected, you should do something memorable.

Whether you go on a trip or host an event, there are certain things you should consider while planning for employee appreciation day. There are different ways you can appreciate your employees. Continue reading to know what HR experts say about this matter.

Planning Employee Appreciation Day

Follow the below steps to make an impact on your employees on the employee appreciation day. You can do it in your own way but don’t forget to include the following things:

1.     Evaluate the Performance Your Employees

When you are planning for employee appreciation day, you should first evaluate the performance of your employees. You should be careful while evaluating the performance and select the names who have achieved significant goals.

Moreover, ensure that employees with nearly equal performance get equal appreciation. For that, you can use these performance review strategies that will help you to employee performance properly.

2.     Identify Certain Behaviours Of Your Employees

Apart from performance and achievements, you should identify some good professional behaviors of your employees. Mention those behaviors in the event to make them feel valued and appreciated. They will remember it for a long time and stay connected with your company. It’s a great way to improve team spirit and work together attitude.

3.     Offer them Gifts to Show Appreciation

Gift cards, trophies, trinkets are not enough to show your appreciation. There are different types of gifts, such as professional gifts like subscriptions to a professional magazine, course, or training program. You can also treat them to vacation at a resort. A physical gift like a watch or indoor plant is also a great option. It depends on your budget, company values, and personal preference on which type of gift you will offer.

4.     Appreciate Publicly

When you appreciate your employees, ensure that you do it publicly. When you praise them in public, they feel respected, and it motivates them to perform better to get the attention every year. It doesn’t matter how big or small the achievement is; they feel their importance in the company.

5.     Use Appreciation Wording

Using appreciation wording is also a great way to inspire and value your employees on the appreciation day. Words like ‘Rising Star’, ‘Stand-Out Performer’, etc., will make them recognized by these names. Also, you can use the employee recognition award examples recommended by HR experts.

Prepare an Event Layout

An event layout will help you organize every activity smoothly. You can sort all the activities of the event in a particular order so that they don’t overlap. Make sure that you include the above factors for the employees you have selected for the recognition award. Try to follow a personalized approach to make the event memorable.

Make a Budget

Budget is the most important factor that decides how well your event will be. As there are many things involved in the event, you should prepare an estimation of the expenses. Decide how much you will spend on gifts, lunch, gift cards, trinkets, etc. It will help you to manage the event efficiently and within your budget.


I hope the above information has helped you to learn how to plan an employee appreciation day. Also, you can check out these tips to improve your employee recognition. Some business owners don’t want to spend on this event because they don’t know its importance. Finally, please share what’s your opinion on this post in the comments section.

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