A garage door opener is an amazing device which used to open and close the doors of garage control by switches on the garage wall. Most of the garage doors are controlled by a remote held by the owner to open & close door from a short distance.

Five Types of Garage Door Opener

  1. Chain Drive Opener

It has a chain similar to a bicycle chain that joins a trolley to the motor.

  • Belt Drive Opener

It has a firm rubber belt instead of a chain.

  • Jackshaft Opener

It mounts on the wall of the torsion bar.

  • Screw Drive Opener

It has a long screw inside the track.

  • Direct Drive Opener

It has installed a motor inside the trolley. Gear wall is used to guide the trolley along a fixed chain.

Garage Door Mississauga

A garage door is one of the most reliable platforms for the opener and garage door services for business and home. In the garage door system, the garage door opener is an important part of the system. So this system must be used after getting appropriate consultation from the experts.

Garage Door Opener Installation Mississauga:

garage door opener installation in Mississauga installed by following steps:

 Step 1: Release the Steel Tension

First of all, the torsion spring’s tension is released before installing the garage door. Then on the shaft of the torsion spring, anchor all alterable locking pliers. Above the door, pliers are wedge against the header wall. Spring winding cone has four holes for tightening and loosing. Tightly hold the steel rod and insert it in one of the holes. To set the winding cone in place, lose the screws. 

 Step 2: Cut the Previous Opener and Door

Cut the connection of the garage door opener when the tension of the torsion spring is released. Then remove the panels of the door. Firstly remove the panel at the top and remove screws that join to below panel. Cut the door track by unbolting and unscrewing from a door frame. Be careful when working with a glass door.

 Step 3: Fix the Panels of Door

Start a new door installation. To prevent the door from bending in the center, place an aiding bar on the top panel. Secure this bar with screws by drill holes. Make sure the bar is placed in the center of the panel. At the top of each panel, hinges are attached. Add support of the axle to the top of the top panel and the bottom panel’s bottom. Then in the door opening, place the bottom panel by holding the panel straight and drilling a screw in the wall to hold the panel in the right place. Check the level before adding the next panel. Join the other panel on the top of first make it possible that canal of upper panel placed on the lower panel ridge. Continue the process till all panels are in the right place.

 Step 4: Protect the Hinges and Install the Door Track

Wheel axles are placed into side hinges and in the bottom, and top axle supports to protect the hinge. Then start installing the track by joining brackets to vertical pieces of the track. An instruction manual is fruitful in installing the brackets in the right place. When all brackets are joined, place the brackets against the wall. Make it possible all-wheel lies at exact position in the track. Before attaching the bracket to the wall, attach the door cable to the hook in the bottom panel’s axle support.

Step 5: Attach the Aggregation of spring to Track.

Gather the pieces that are helpful in spring assembly and join the pieces into the track. Instructions manual helps install the assembly of pieces in the right place. The curved track portion of the track is attached to a vertical place, and the other end is attached to the ceiling bracket.

Step 6: Lock the Track Together

The horizontal track is attached to the vertical track on the door.  The door must be fitted at the proper place and held smoothly, then tightens the bolt. To line a horizontal track with a vertical track, drill a hole in the horizontal track. Holes in the vertical track is used to determine the position where to drill a hole. Use the bolts of the correct size. If it is too big, it will damage the track. Then join the track together.

Step 7: Spring Installation

Mark the center of the opening and locate it on the header of the door. Later attach support for the spring. Spring anchors are attached to the spring. Then spring locking cone is attached that prevents the spring from loose under tension. Securely bolt the springs.

Step 8: Pulleys and Torsion Rod Installation

In the side header, brackets slide the torsion rod into holes. Before attaching the pulley to each end of the rode, make sure the rod is at an exact place. Guard the center header bracket.

Step 9: Cable Attachment

Bring the cable and attach it to both sides of the pulley wheel from bottom to top. Turn the wheel to tighten the dull cable over the pulley from the door side to secure the tightening slide wheel to the header bracket. Outside the bracket, a pair of locking pliers are tightened on the door. When tightening the spring, it aids in the prevention of rod turning.

Step 10: Spring Tightening

Make a line across the springs with chalk. It helps to remind the turns of spring during its tightening.  Manual helps to determine the number of turns required for spring tightening. Check the chalk line to make sure about no of turns a person made.


Garage door opener provides a person with the best option to replace a  30-year-old door. Garage door openers are safe and beautifully designed. Garage doors easily operate by a person. Its installation is also very easy, removing tension, bolt tightening, and fix it in the right place. Then remove pliers from a rod. Garage door openers are used widely in houses,  industries, and commercially.

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