South Korea Launches into Outer Space with Upcoming Netflix Science Fiction Movie “Space Sweepers”

The genre of science fiction is indeed one that can cross barriers and unite all of us in a fantastical way. Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury and Phillip K. Dick knew the truth in this sentiment and this is evidenced in the strong body of work all three men left behind. Science fiction is both a reflection of our oddball times and a projection for the very best that we all so crave in a shaky era like no other. But getting back to the universality of sci-fi for a moment…

 Those Robby the Robot aficionados from The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that streaming platform Netflix (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) will be releasing the South Korean science fiction flick Space Sweepers. The film – featuring actors Song Joong-Ki (Tree with Deep Roots) and Kim Tae-ri (Mr. Sunshine) is considered by many to be South Korea’s freshman outing in the arena of big-budgeted space operas.

 Space Sweepers takes place in the not-too-distant future of 2092 aboard a spaceship with the moniker of Victory. The ship is one of many that subsists off of scavenged space debris. During one of these outer-space dumpster dives, the crew discovers a seven year old girl inside of a jettisoned space shuttle.
It doesn’t take long for the bright bulbs onboard Victory to realize that the little girl is a very humanlike robot wanted by UTS Space Guards. A plan is quickly hatched to turn their prize find into a moneymaking venture by demanding a ransom for the robots safe return, proving once and for all that, even seventy plus years from now, capitalism is alive and well.

 Space Sweepers is directed by Jo Sung-hee (A Werewolf Boy) and is coming down the pike a little later than originally planned thanks to the worldwide pandemic. Korean theaters, falling in line with almost all other beleaguered film exhibitors, are problematic for new releases. Netflix, sensing an opening, stepped in and scored the worldwide streaming rights to Space Sweepers.

Produced mainly by South Korean production house Merry Christmas (yep, that’s the actual name), Space Sweepers will be released on Netflix February 5, 2021. Watch in good health, Fritz Lang nuts and tell ‘em Vents sent you!

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