Ms Office Installation

How to setup and Install Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is essential because it helps in so many tasks. There are many products offered by Microsoft offices such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint which help in making assignments, presentations, and many other things. If you are a student or you are a job holder or a businessman, you must have Microsoft Office in your system because it will help you in a lot of things. There is a credible website “” from where you can download the office setup without any virus or threat. You can download Microsoft Office on your laptop whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user. So, read this article to know how can you install and setup Microsoft office on your laptop.

How to install Microsoft office:

First, check that your device fulfills all the essential requirements for Microsoft office or not (whether you are using mac or windows). After that, you need to complete some steps of setups if you are going to install Microsoft Office in your system for the first time.

You have to sign in to install Microsoft office – if you are going to install Microsoft office, you need to sign in to the Microsoft account. You can’t download MS office if you don’t have a Microsoft account. So, must create an MS account first.

  • If you don’t have an account of MS office, go to their website and select the option of sign in and start creating your account.
  • Fill in all the essential information in the empty boxes and create your account.

Steps to install Microsoft office after creating the account – after creating the account, you can install Microsoft office by using the following steps:

  • Every browser shows different commands such as Firefox will show “Save File”, Google Chrome will show “Setup”, Edge will show “Run”, so select the one according to your browser.
  • Then a notification will pop up on your screen which will ask you to make changes in your system for the setup you are installing, so select “Yes”.
  • The installation will start and after the installation finish, you can see the office on your laptop or system.

How to activate MS office:

You can easily activate Microsoft office after downloading or installing it in your system.

  • Go to the search area of your system and type any product name of MS office which you want to use, such as PowerPoint.
  • The PowerPoint will appear in the search box.
  • To use the office products, search MS office in your system.
  • Open the MS office app and then accept the license.
  • After accepting the license Microsoft office will be activated in your system and you can use its all products anytime you need.


If you don’t know how to install or activate Microsoft Office in your system, we mention all the essential steps here. By following these steps, you can easily download MS office into your computer or laptop and start using it. So read this guide now and get help in downloading MS office from it.

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