HBO Wins North American Rights for Acclaimed Six Part Mini-Series The Investigation

This one’s dark: Per our colleagues over at The Hollywood Reporter comes the late-breaking news that powerhouse HBO has landed the rights for a limited series based off of the grisly murder of journalist Kim Wall aboard a small submarine. Wall was killed by the mini-sub’s owner, a Danish big wheel who just happened to be a deranged psychopath. This is the sort of story that has no real happy ending and makes you question just how well you know anyone; tough stuff to chew on, to be for sure, and The Hunt for Red October it most certainly ain’t.

 HBO scored a coup by landing the North American television and streaming rights to the Scandinavian limited series, aptly titled The Investigation. Directed and written by Tobias Lindholm (Follow the Money, The Arms Drop), this six episode dramatization features actors par excellence Soren Malling (A Hijacking), Pilou Asbaek (Game of Thrones), Pernilla August (The Best Intentions), Rolf Lassgard (After the Wedding), Laura Christensen (All for Two), Anders Juul (A Horrible Woman), Henrik Birch (The Rain), Hans Henrick Clemensen (Ride Upon the Storm), Dulfi Al Jabouri (Darkland) and Charlotte Munck (While We Live). The series will focus on the police investigation into Kim Wall’s murder. Lindholm worked hand in hand with the family of Kim Wall and with the head of the homicide in crafting his take on these true-life events.

In a press release, director Lindholm said that “It is with great humility that I created The Investigation. There is a great deal of responsibility in choosing to tell stories about events from the real world. Therefore, I am more than grateful for all the support I’ve received, including some of Denmark’s and Sweden’s most talented and acclaimed actors.”

The Investigation received its initial debut in Sweden in September 2020 before catching the eye of HBO. Miso Film produces the series in conjunction with Outline Film, TV 2 Denmark, SVT and Nordic Entertainment Group. Tobias Lindholm executive produces and other producing credits are parceled out to Rene Ezra, Jonas Allen, Peter Bose and Caroline Blanco.

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