Role of Freight Forwarders in International Export Business

The economy of the world is growing in multiple folds. Shipments are continuously increasing both domestically and globally. For many lucrative businesses, import and export are the key elements. For some companies, handling domestic freight is relatively more straightforward; but as they grow or expand internationally, global shipping, though it presents excellent business opportunities, may seem to be daunting. This fear of international shipping and its intricacies often makes businesses or companies have second thoughts upon expanding their in-house shipping functions or leveraging a freight forwarding company to help them towards global shipping.

An international freight forwarder looks after the process, regulations, and paperwork involved in international transportation, which may be intimidating to the businesses. However, an international freight forwarder is an expert in these matters and can help one become a global shipper without being caught up in logistics.

So, who are these international freight forwarders? 

International freight forwarders are either individuals or firms that engage in providing services in the import-export trade as a third party logistic provider. International freight forwarders are experts in supply chain management and bridge the seller and buyer gap. Their services include acting as a carrier of goods, professional warehousing bits of advice and assistance, looking into insurance, stewarding, documentation, procedures required for customs, and any other formalities.

Now that we know who exactly these international freight forwarders are, the next question that arises is, why do companies or businesses need them?

Why are the international freight forwarders necessary? 

Global shipping or shipping abroad involves a lot of complex procedures. It involves a massive investment in logistics, dealing with technology licenses, and finding people with the right set of skills to run these operations smoothly. Without taking international freight forwarders’ help, international shippers would be overwhelmed to absorb the logistical burden of supply chain management. Also, it would have a detrimental effect on the overall global marketplace to sell their commodities. Therefore, international freight forwarders are critically indispensable to the shippers and the whole global trade.

Role of the international freight forwarders in the export business 

Any business shipping cargo abroad is challenging without the advice and ability of an experienced international freight forwarder. A professional international trade forwarder will save the company’s time and money and reduce a lot of their problems regarding shipping. A business can use the services of international freight forwarders to help them in improving transport, guaranteeing whether the products are moving as per the plan and at the same time minimizing all the related expenses.

The following are some of the critical roles that a freight forwarder plays –

  • International freight forwarders have expertise in moving cargo to several overseas destinations fulfilling clients’ requests. Thus, they handle the total supply chain solutions for the clients, and thereby both the buyer and the seller enjoy hassle-free service from them.
  • They provide expert advice on various costs, including freight costs, consular fees, port expenses, special documentation costs, merchandise costs, and insurance costs.
  • With their expert knowledge and experience, they pick the right transportation mode and choose appropriate transporters for the client. Thus, they help the client or the exporter to select the most affordable means of freight shipping. They also fetch the best bargain in cargo shipping rates.
  • These international freight forwarders work with the chief goal of providing freight transportation at reliable and competitive rates to any destination.
  • They help in the preparation of trade and transport documents that are needful for export and import such as airway bills etc.
  • They review all the documents to ensure that they are in perfect order to avoid problems during the customs clearance.
  • They also assist in the process of customs clearance.
  • They handle customs agents abroad to ensure that goods and documents comply with the regulations of customs.

Why do businesses or companies need international trade forwarders? 

Businesses or companies do not require international freight forwarders for exporting or importing their goods. But they need them for their expert services due to the involvement of a lot of documentation and regulations, which vary from country to country in the import and export of goods. Thus, companies use a commercial freight forwarder as their logistics partner.

It is the international freight forwarders’ job to have knowledge regarding various shipping companies, theknowin shipping the cargo abroad, and the customs laws of several countries. A good and professional freight forwarding company or an individual freight forwarder will save a lot of time. It will release the burden from exporters’ shoulders regarding the hassles involved in shipping abroad and procuring competitive rates and reliable rates in transportation of products.

Thus, an international freight forwarder is an asset to any company that deals with international shipping cargo and at such a time when the in-house personnel of the company is not well versed with procedures involved in international shipping. Additionally, these international freightforwarders offer their services and expertise at very modest rates. However, they prove to be a good investment for the company considering their years of experience and constant attention to the details which they provide to the clients.

In all, one can say that without international freight forwarders, the whole global economic scene would be in facing a logistically tricky front.

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