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Blooming Fire!! You guys are rad!!! From your music to being all about taking care of our earth! We can’t get enough of it! Tell us with 2020 to a close, what do you have in the works for your music now and what’s coming up for you in the new year?!

Hi!!! Thank you, so happy that you’re a fellow Earth Lover…it’s important that we all work together to grow and learn as much as we can to be better stewards of this planet. We have so many ideas and things in the works for 2021 mainly all around the release of our first album! A couple things were working on is a Vlog series on our YouTube channel where we share more about our lifestyle, behind the scenes content and our relationship with nature. Hoping to inspire others to make some changes in their lives that will help save the planet! In the new year we’re going to be challenging ourselves to #DoitfortheDunia which means Do It For The Earth! Dunia is the name of our last EP and as a New Years resolution we’re going to be doing different things that help the planet each week. You can follow along on all of our socials for videos and updates about the challenge! We’re also starting a tiktok, working on a new secret portal for our fan group the Earth Headz, which will consist of secret content, live streams, exclusive merch and personal touches from each member of the band. We will also be filming a ton of music videos for the album!!! We always love hearing from our fans and what they want to see from us!

Do you think branding yourself specifically is important for an artist?

Every artist creates music and art for their own expression, that expression in itself is the brand. It’s important to shine light on what it is that you’re passionate about and things that get you fired up or turn you on. For us it’s sustainability, justice, equality, freedom, having fun, telling the man to eff off and being active and playful in the outdoors.

What in the industry do you think needs a drastic overhaul?

The industry really needs to pay musicians better for their streams! It’s crazy how rich the people are who run these streaming platforms meanwhile the musicians behind their money barely scrape by and pour every ounce of what we have into our craft. .003cents isn’t even enough for most musicians to make minimum wage. Another big one that needs to change is selling goods that are made in sweatshops! We need cheap merch to upsell to make a living but it’s not worth it when you have to buy something that isnt fair trade. Also we should stop selling and drinking single use plastics at gigs!

What is a goal that you daydream about?

Playing a solar powered tour, traveling around the states with a solar powered stage and playing sold out shows!

We want to make sure everyone keeps up with YOU!! So they can support all your music and causes!! Tell our audience where they can keep up with it ALL!?

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