A Long Overdue Rubik’s Cube Movie and Game Show is Headed Our Way in 2021

The Rubik’s Cube: Few other ephemera and bric-a-brac can so easily summon the spirit and the tone of a particular era than the almighty and powerfully vexing Rubik’s Cube. And to be for sure, you cannot claim membership in the I Survived the 1980s Memorial Society lest you have firsthand knowledge and experience with the Cube. Me? Yep, my family owned one and for a hot moment in the winter of 1982 it caught my young attention in a way that Cabbage Patch Kids and my bruised and battered Trapper Keeper simply could not. Like the rest of the world, I was a confirmed Rubik-holic.

 Capitalizing on the recent spate of 80s nostalgia (thank you Stranger Things and Cobra Kai), Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment and Endeavor Content are teaming with Rubik’s and using this moment to bring forth two very groovy sounding projects: An honest-to-Pete, bona-fide Rubik’s Cube movie and, as if that’s not enough to make your kitsch taste-buds water up, a companion game show. This simply delightful/cannot be ignored bit of news was first reported on by our Bugle Boy wearing compatriots at the ever-lovely Variety.

Rubik’s Cube 101: This delightfully maddening game caught the eye of the world due to its ability to drive all of us collectively mad. We put aside our electronic Simon game in an effort to thwart the Rubik’s puzzle which required players to unlock a series of six very mixed up colors, twisting the cube in order to show just one color on each of the four sides. Sound easy, huh? It was for some, but for this towheaded brat it was sheer torture and it wasn’t long before the iconic Cube was tossed in the corner atop my Milton Bradley castoffs such as Downfall and Credit Ability, my nine year old fragile ego already eyeing a stack of Gold Key comics that would be far kinder to me than the sinister Rubik’s Cube. When it came to watershed 80s moments, the Rubik’s cube and I parted as, at best, ambivalent adversaries.

 Not many details of the upcoming Rubik’s Cube film proper are known about as of press time. What we do know is that the flick will be produced by the aforementioned Amritraj along with executive producers Priya Amritraj and Addison Mehr. The television game show will be executive produced by Amritraj and Andrew Glassman of Glassman Media fame.

 In a press release announcing the film and show, Amritraj said that he “had a personal and nostalgic connection to the Rubik’s cube from my early days in India. I am thrilled to partner with Endeavor content and Rubik’s/Smiley and look forward to creating a wonderful and complex Rubik’s universe.”

 No release date was provided for film or game show, but this survivor of the 1980s will endeavor to bring forth any news as it becomes available to us.

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