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Steve Marinangeli Plays The Most Important Role In His Songs Without Even Singing

Steve Marinangeli is a 23-year-old artist who plays the primary role in his songs without even singing. Due to the pandemic, Steve started writing lyrics of songs. His journey started in the lockdown; he wrote songs for a few weeks then he tried to made his own beats. He also made the instruments for his songs, but he was didn’t sing the songs. He only writes them, and other professional singers and producers sung and produced them. He loved to write pop music and his passion is to write songs. He worked with an organization called Your Song Maker which also has a website. This company gave him singers and composed his lyrics into songs. Now, Steve is looking for more singers and producers to work with.

Steve is looking for more artists who will make his songs. He said that he is an average artist in writing the songs. He has topped the Luxembourg iTunes top songs; this success is only due to the fact that he writes his songs with interest and passion that makes them popular. Through his songs, he has always connected with his followers and audience.

Steve Marinangeli’s upcoming album is hidden though the releasing date is yet unknown. He is still working on it. Steve said, the theme of the album is the totally self-sufficient concept. He said that this album describes all emotions and gives positivity to people. This album is all about the concept that it does not matter what you are, there is always a way out. There is a huge list of sad and emotional songs in this album.

Steve Marinangeli’s perspective is that lockdown was a great opportunity for him as he has polished his skills through it and also started his journey as an artist. He spent most of his time on the songs and to discover more genres of music, then he started to write his own lyrics that helped the other producers and singers a lot to create the music and then convert them into songs. It is difficult for him to start his journey as he knew nothing about the songs but due to his interest and passion, he did it. Your song maker studio helped him a lot in this field as they composed his words into the lyrics then into music and at the last into a perfect song. He had a perfect team that helped him a lot.

Steve dedicated one of his songs to a particular person who has a special place in his life. He said that while writing this song, he placed himself in a position of being in love and felt that he is loving that person. He added his emotions in this song that made it more successful. Steve Marinangeli thanked his audience that supported him a lot. He has a huge followers list who helped him and supported him.

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