Question Of The Week: Pop Culture New Year’s Resolution

As I write this, we are a few days from the new year. It’s nearly 2021. Many people set themselves resolutions for the new year. New Year’s Resolutions, one might say. I have never been a New Year’s resolutions person, but I don’t knock it conceptually. Of course, this is a pop culture website, so it makes sense to talk about pop culture resolutions. That’s why I am asking this question to end 2020: What’s your pop culture New Year’s Resolution for 2021?

I’m a voracious consumer of entertainment as well. I watch a lot of movies and TV and listen to a bunch of music. That’s even with the fact I watch a lot of sports and also listen to quite a few podcasts. I like pop culture! In 2020, I had a goal of going to the movies more and, well, you know how that went. For 2021, I don’t have anything as clear on my mind. There is no TV show I’ve been meaning to watch that I haven’t gotten to yet. I stay up to date on new music, and if anything I should probably listen to more old stuff to keep that fresh in my mind. My favorite band is Pavement, but I spent maybe a few hours listening to them in 2020. I was too busy listening to the new Phoebe Bridgers and Beach Bunny albums.

You know what I think I will make my New Year’s Resolution for 2021 from a pop culture perspective? Be more willing to spend money to rent movies at home. I’m sure I’m not alone in waiting for movies to show up on the streaming services I have access to. Yeah, I could spent like five bucks or whatever, but why not wait a few months and see if HBO Max or Amazon Prime start streaming it? However, in 2021 I’m going to try and change that. If I want to see a movie instead of waiting and seeing if it might show up on a streaming service, and then just giving up on it if it doesn’t, I’ll drop a few bucks to rent it. Or maybe I’ll head up to a Redbox and use that. Either way, it will expand my movie watching in the new year. That’s my resolution. What’s yours?

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