How fast hoverboards can go?

It is the human body’s psychological response to speed that we find exhilarating, and once experienced we crave more thrilling speed. Hoverboards were introduced recently, and they are among the savviest machines for kids and adults, but the real question is, ‘How fast do they go?’

Average Speed of Hoverboards 

Hoverboards are fast riding machines, and the speed together with the self-balancing feature makes it more appealing. There are a wide variety of hoverboards in the market, but most of the hoverboards’ speed range from 6mph to 10mph. Six miles per hour may sound slow, but you will not want it to go faster than that in the learning phase. The speed of hoverboards, which are designed for kids, usually ranges from 6mph to 8mph and are loaded with fancy features like colorful LED lights and Bluetooth Speakers.

Exceptional Speed 

There are few hoverboards that are designed for adults; therefore, can go at a speed of 15mph. Usually, these fast hoverboards have bigger tires and multiple Speed-modes, to train you before you hit the top speed. The speed-modes can be changed through a mobile app. These hoverboards can also be used for off-roading because of the powerful motor and big tires; however, they cannot cross a slope steeper than 30 degrees.

Are they as fast as advertised?

The main factors that affect the speed of hoverboards are weight and terrain. The speed of hoverboards subside with the increase of weight; therefore, the weight of the rider must be considered before buying a hoverboard based on the speed. Secondly, most of the hoverboards’ speed decreases on grass and carpet, but the speed of off-road hoverboards remains the same on carpets and grass.

Is it safe to ride a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are fast personal transportation machines; therefore, prone to accidents. However, the self-balancing feature of hoverboards makes them easy to learn and control but taking safety measures is a must. The most important safety measure is wearing a helmet, kneepad, and elbow-pad at least in the learning phase.


The average speed of hoverboards is between 6mph and 10mph, even the cheap best hoverboards have a thrilling speed. Some hoverboards can go as fast as 15mph because those are designed for adults; however, the multiple speed-modes make it easy to learn even for teenagers. The off-roading hoverboards are designed for rough terrains, and the speed of off-roading hoverboards ranges from 6mph to 12mph. It is not safe to ride a hoverboard without wearing 

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