Attorney Elliott Lipinsky Releases Fun Book

Reading stories is a fun thing to do and it’s not only related to the kids but adults are also used to listen to the stories of different genera. Well, it’s not a common thing that a professional person writes a story on a different topic that is far from his professional field. For example, if you are a scientist and want to share a story or even write any fictional tale, the topic of the story would be related to your field like you will write about any invention or other science fiction subjects.  

Surprisingly, we have an amazing announcement, in which the author of the book is an Attorney, his name is Elliott Lipinsky who release a fun book named, Space Pup (The Adventures of Elrod Cannon).

 Isn’t amazing? Like we can’t expect something like that from a person who belongs to a very serious and professional field like Law. His law office deals with criminal and injury cases and you can take his assistance through his website URL: Before moving to his latest Book release, let’s get to know about the Author. 

Who is Elliott Lipinsky?

He is an attorney and deals with criminal and business law. He also deals with the injury cases for his clients. He has Law Offices at Selma, Alabama where his expert teams help him to deal with the cases. People can book an appointment through an online system or also visit the law office. You can take a free consultancy of 1 hour or hire him to express consultation. 

Moreover, his team will help you with every step and you don’t need to go anywhere else. Space Pup is an imaginary tale book that is written for kids who have an interest in aliens and related stuff. So, it’s a simple and sweet tale of a dog that everybody would love. 

Space Pup (The Adventures of Elrod Cannon):

Everyone loves dog tales, but how about a dog from outer space? – Like an alien, but still a dog. The new illustrated book, “Space Pup” by Elliott Lipinsky is an engaging little tale that children of all ages will love. It will take you to the ultimate level of imagination where you will feel like a kid. According to the author, kids of every age can read it.  If you are interested to buy this book then it is now available on Amazon Kindle.

For your assistance, we are going to add the link of Kindle: We don’t know what is the mind and idea behind this tale book but he seems so happy with his professional and personal life. It’s a simple story where a dog comes from outer space of the earth and appears as an alien. We know that kids are so inspired by the aliens and their stories so, pick the right topic for his first release. 

This book is available on Amazon Prime where you can take the kindle edition. The tale book is written in English which is understandable by the readers. The size of the book is small and has 55 pages only. The initial price of the storybook is around $2 which is very cheap. 

Long story short, it’s not easy for a professional person to spare some time and write an exciting story. But thankfully, he takes very much care of the plot of the story as well as his professional field. If you are one of the book readers then please don’t forget to buy Space Pup and add your reviews about the book. 

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